Reflections on Volumes

My intent in developing The List (52 Books in 52 Weeks) was to instill a little bit of intelligent discipline into my own reading habits.

Left to my own devices I regularly go to the library and search out favored authors, classics, biographies, new age mysticism and so forth with all the joy of a kid at Christmas and the variety of a patchwork quilt. And I still do but this is a scattershot approach.

Such is the Vata nature.

To ensure that amongst all the works I picked up throughout the year there was a strain of thought and challenge and a level of consistency in my reading I crowd-sourced the development of The List with many of you aiding me.

I did this to challenge me to read new authors so i could focus at least a part of my avocation on essentially how the world works and what factors may have caused us to get this way.

Periodically I've shared thoughts and reflections on some of the works I read through the year but I want to be clear: these are not book reviews nor are they meant to be. Almost all of the titles I've chosen for 2013 are well-known enough to have been reviewed several times over so there's little value I can add to that discipline.

My reactions are simply the thoughts that come to me upon reflecting in the words of the authors, so please enjoy them if you will while recognizing I am not attempting to critque authors. Like all creatives I have the utmost respect for them.

Happy reading.



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