California Roll

Do you like Sushi?

I do. (And yes, it really is sushi even without fish, but that’s another blog for another day…)

But I’m not talking about the roll you eat, I’m talking about the roll you do.  As in a “California Roll” at a stop sign.  Like the one I did late last year.  For which I got a warning from the local PD.


How do the police know you don’t stop completely? They watch your hubcaps rolling.

Who told me that? My ex-wife. Thanks honey.

Wait… Rolls. Stopping. What am I talking about?

I’m talking about the need to be here now (thank you Ram Dass.) The need to take our foot off the literal or figurative accelerator for just a bit and be present with the moment we’re in, the people we’re with and the feelings we’re experiencing. The need to not be in such a hurry to go on to the next thing that we don’t honor the present moment with our full self.

When we get so immersed in the need for speed that we race from one thing to the next we sometimes forget the reason we’re on the trip. Speed trumps journey if just for a moment.

But in life, it’s all about the journey.

If you want to live more fully, impact others more earnestly and actually enjoy life instead of racing through days (what’s your hurry to get to the end anyway?) you need to slow down just a little.  And don’t roll through the stop signs in your life.

Cut your colleague off in a meeting this morning just to prove how smart you are? That’s a California Roll – she had the right of way. Text your lover with a cryptic message instead of picking up the phone to tell them how you feel? Roll. Stop listening to your boss, your neighbor, your best friend, your inner voice – because you’re just too busy? That’s a California Roll.

Stop it.

Stop, look, listen and proceed with caution.

Life, and our relationships with the people in it, is too important to roll thoughtlessly through, over and around.

Rolls are for eating, not doing.

CC Image courtesy of Iscan on Flickr



3 thoughts on “California Roll

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