Yippee Ki Yay

Do you like action films? I do.

Went to see the new Die Hard today; if you’re a fan and haven’t seen it I won’t disclose what passes for a plot. If you’re not a fan of the franchise an alternate title could have been Die Hard with a Thud.

A little voice told me not to go, but I didn’t listen.

But this isn’t a review of a film or a discussion on violence in the cinema; its another way to say – trust your gut (within reason).

As rational business people we tend to for look for ancillary evidence to support what we’ve already made up our minds about. We think we’re looking for raw data but we’re really not. We have a belief structure already intact – our gut instinct if you will – and so we search for some semblance of proof to support whatever that is.

But life isn’t a film and the difference in impact between choosing a movie and choosing a new team member is too significant to leave to gut instinct.

Here’s the point – your gut knows when something isn’t right but it doesn’t know what that something is.

Searching out the missing piece is called thinking.

The mistake people make with intuition is in not defining its limits and thus its usefulness. Knowing a restaurant won’t be a good bet (parking lot empty at dinner? there’s your sign…) is one thing; making choices about people on our teams is another. And it demands more work.

People aren’t simple and they deserve more than our instinct.

If I think someone won’t be a good fit on a team, I owe it to myself, the team – and most of all to them – to try and understand why.

Does that little voice tell you there’s an issue? An untruth? A potential problem? Okay; use that as impetus to dig further not as an excuse to stop.

Trusting your gut for what it can do can be helpful in business and organization life.

Just remember, life is not a movie. You need more than your gut. You need reason as well.

Yippee ki yay.


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