Sometimes its better to say I don't know. At a recent seminar during a break people were networking. A devout introvert I've worked for years to get my practice down and its pretty functional. One thing that helps is having a compact description of what you do - you don't really even need titles as … Continue reading IDK

the signal and the noise – nate silver

Would you trust an inveterate gambler, sports nut and beer enthusiast with significant predictions about the near-term future? Millions do. After finishing the signal and the noise by Nate Silver its easy to see why. If you love numbers, statistics, and predictions (and I certainly do) you'll enjoy this read. Mr Silver discusses in some … Continue reading the signal and the noise – nate silver

Why We’re Not Connected on LinkedIn

I love LinkedIn. While not quite a power user I'm on the platform every day reaching out, responding and making connections.  I've learned a lot from the people I've met on LI, and yes, I've done business through it as well. So while I generally believe in the power of networking there are times when … Continue reading Why We’re Not Connected on LinkedIn

Cooking with Gas

As you may know I try to pay attention to the little things in life. Maybe I'm small-minded. Yesterday while pouring the water in the kettle on the stove top to make the coffee, I got a little careless and spilled some over the side. If you have an electric stove top this is no … Continue reading Cooking with Gas

The Boy Kings of Texas – Domingo Martinez

As I've said before I don't review books here as much as reflect on them. One doesn't "review" a memoir. "The List" was crowd-sourced in large part and The Boy Kings of Texas by Domingo Martinez came to me as a gift. Some gifts are harder than others. Boy Kings is one such gift. I … Continue reading The Boy Kings of Texas – Domingo Martinez

Legacy or Aftermath?

At a retirement dinner this week there were lots of personal stories told. Being HR though I thought more of the organizational issues at stake. Announcing his retirement months ahead the retiree allowed time for a search and selection process as well as some overlap to ensure his successor got off to a strong start. … Continue reading Legacy or Aftermath?

Desk Bound Hound

Are you a desk hound? Never heard of the breed? Let me fill you in. Thrives in out of the way cubicles and corners, doesn't need much air, light or food, able to exist with minimal interaction with others though often comes house-trained.  Fairly quiet and docile enough that we may forget they're in there. … Continue reading Desk Bound Hound

Speak No Evil

Having recruited for over 20 years now as part of my HR role I've talked with thousands of job candidates. And I often consult with friends, colleagues and students as well. I've been around. Apparently though some people have missed this important memo so I'll repost it here: Don't talk negatively about a former employer!  … Continue reading Speak No Evil

Destiny of the Republic – Candice Millard

Who was James A. Garfield? Garrulous bear of a man whose booming laugh could shake the walls of his home Passionately in love with his shy diminutive wife Lucretia ("Crete") Never knew a stranger and prone to bear hug enemies as well as friends Father of five and lover of literature he read Homer out … Continue reading Destiny of the Republic – Candice Millard

All the Money in the World – Laura Vanderkamp

Sooner or later, by accident or habit, we all develop our personal relationship with money. Laura Vanderkamp asks us in All the Money in the World to examine these relationships and their underlying beliefs to uncover our real attitudes towards wealth and spending. In short, a simple question: What is the true value of money? … Continue reading All the Money in the World – Laura Vanderkamp