Thank You

Want to be more effective starting today?

To have an impact immediately?

Causing others to try and remember your name, get on your project teams and look forward to interacting with you again?

Say Thank You…

Its no secret we in the West have less of what passed for manners in past generations. Indeed one the few things we still seem able to export today is a crumbling sense of social grace.

We move quickly throughout our days experiencing personal, professional and social relationships more and more superficially. To save time we cut corners with txting and speaking in code and often just skipping any personal acknowledgement.

But at what cost?

Its funny that we all feel so good when we receive a thank you – written or verbal – and yet we're still slow to realize its power. And to recognize that this simple tool is available to us everyday.

And the truth is this isn't about manners or style or inter-generational conflict of personal mores: its about the power of acknowledgement.

The power of one to one.

But like all things valuable there is a subtle catch: our thanks must be sincere.

Perhaps you've spent time with someone who went to a seminar on influencing people (or maybe they just read a really good blog post) and left believing they had to say thank you. For everything. And they did, clicking off rote words without a real thought as to their meaning. Worthless.

Insincere thanks are worse than none at all for what they say is:

I'm doing this for me – not you

The gift of a thank you is in its sincerity itself. Whether glib or goofy, articulate or clumsy it a direct expression of appreciation. Of care to and for another.

There is no art form to the thank you. Written, face to face, Skyped or on your cell phone simply say thank you in the words that come easiest to you. Able to cross multiple languages in a single bound the expression of gratitude to another simply can't be done poorly if its done earnestly.

Think about that – you can't do it wrong if you mean it

Coming from the heart, your thanks will always be right.

So take the time to appreciate the people in your life. And to let them know it. You'll find that you have more impact and resonance in the circles you're part of and people really are happy to see and work with you.

It costs nothing but a bit of time and sincerity in your heart.

Thank you for reading.



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