Cooking with Gas

As you may know I try to pay attention to the little things in life.

Maybe I'm small-minded.

Yesterday while pouring the water in the kettle on the stove top to make the coffee, I got a little careless and spilled some over the side. If you have an electric stove top this is no big deal (other than the mess). If you use gas like I do not so.

The water will spill down the side of the kettle running into the burner and you won't light it now. The jet has to be taken apart, dried, re-assembled and then you light it. Not a big deal but not part of the plan.

With a slight sigh I moved the kettle to the next burner, finished pouring the water in, and you know what I did without me saying it.

Spilled the water again. Burner number 2 out of commission.

Eventually I cleaned the burners and made the coffee and it was quite good, thank you.

Sometimes the little things do matter

Every day there are hundreds of little rituals and moments that make up our life. The way we talk to our spouse – or give them space. The time we spend settling our mind as the day starts whether by watching ESPN or breathing deeply. The way we talk to others on the subway or bus. Our greeting for the doorman and the receptionist. How we pick up the phone, answer our txts and emails, and so forth.

Not to mention the actual formal interactions we have in meetings, visits, calls, and the informal ones with coworkers, customers and others as the day progresses.

All these little opportunities to do things well – however you define that – or not.

The beauty in life is that we all get to define excellence on our own terms. It doesn't matter what I think doing things “well” means: you get to define that for yourself.

My point is this. Whether its making coffee or million dollar deals life is essentially a choreography of small steps and acts built into a whole. A mosaic if you will. You get to decide what your want yours to look like.

And you get hundreds of opportunities every day to change the way your life looks.

So enjoy the day.

And have some coffee.


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