Why We’re Not Connected on LinkedIn

I love LinkedIn.

While not quite a power user I’m on the platform every day reaching out, responding and making connections.  I’ve learned a lot from the people I’ve met on LI, and yes, I’ve done business through it as well.

So while I generally believe in the power of networking there are times when its best to ignore a request to connect and even times when its right to remove someone from my contacts.

My view towards LI is certainly not the only one – but if you’re struggling to connect with people some of the following factors may be playing a part.


There are some obvious items that limit your audience:

  • Any “ism” including age, sex, race, religion, national, etc. that belies intolerance on your part won’t work for me – we just don’t have anything to discuss
  • Inappropriate pictures featuring too much skin or too many martini glasses – I’m glad you like to have fun and you may have a great body but that’s not why I’m here
  • Personal politics: unless you only wish to connect with others who hold the same beliefs this typically isn’t helpful. Now, if that is who you want to connect with go ahead – you can set your network up any way you want

And some not-so-obvious limiters:

  • Unprofessional behavior: like “culture” professional varies but this includes language, appearance and privacy. Blue language, misspellings, and repeated overly-personal postings are not helpful to many
  • Me-first attitude: if your first note to me is to buy your book, check out your webinar, link to a sample of this, that or the other before we even build a relationship I’m a little concerned about the likelihood of a real connection
  • Snarkiness. I know some people enjoy being snarky and you may well hang with a crowd that digs that. I don’t. I’m pretty easy-going and accepting so if you start posting snarky, dark malevolent comments about me, your competition, your boss or anyone else we’re probably through

The beauty of SoMe is that you can set your presence up any way you choose so feel free to ignore all of this if you want.

But if you’re concerned about your lack of connectedness on LI you may want to think about these.

And if I can help you in any way, let’s connect.


3 thoughts on “Why We’re Not Connected on LinkedIn

  1. Chris,

    I’m glad you mentioned the profile picture. I am amazed at the number of women who are posting quite inappropriate pictures (way too much skin). They look like something that would be better served on some sleazy dating site. It just deteriorates my view of the person as a professional.

  2. I sure agree on most because this is not Facebook. This is professional space, But on the other side the new generation are changing the ways we work.

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