Monday Blues

Ah, Monday morning. Cursed day for so many around the globe as they wind their way back to work bemoaning the weekend just expired. What if I told you Monday was a good thing? Read on. Mondays are a fresh start Rather than resent returning to work you can view Monday as a clean beginning, … Continue reading Monday Blues

Second Look

He stopped his bike in the middle of the road. Traffic was at a halt in front of a park just two blocks from home. The park isn't much - some fields, kiddie playground and a basketball court - but hey, we're in the middle of town and happy to have it. As I neared … Continue reading Second Look

Its Personal

Are you in charge of your life? Recently I sat in on a training session to help a friend. She wanted some coaching on her facilitation so I stayed in the back like a fly on the wall collecting technical points for us to review afterwards. During the day then I got to watch the … Continue reading Its Personal

Pain of Playing

In behavioral economics we study a phenomenon known as the pain of paying. Essentially, why some purchases hurt more than others. Make it easy to pay and sales increase. Make it harder, people resist. You can test this at home. Spending too much lately? Convert to a cash-only mode and watch your expense rate decline. … Continue reading Pain of Playing


Are you oblique? Neither parallel or right angle. Slanting, skewed, indirect, devious, sidelong. Oblique and obtuse are slightly different the latter conveying an inability to grasp things. Oblique though is its own special form of hell. I've coached managers in the past who suffered from this. Who they were isn't relevant (good HR people always … Continue reading Oblique


Time for some quiet. Like you this has been a difficult week for me. World events have been painful enough - and our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected - yet life challenges continue. Important deadlines arrived and though met I was too mesmerized in current events to celebrate any personal success. … Continue reading Quiet

The Net

I love SoMe. Fascinating to connect with people from so many diverse cultures, countries and backgrounds to exchange ideas and thoughts. Truly powerful in so many ways. Yet for professional and personal growth we need the Net and Net. We need to meet people IRL and develop relationships with them. Its not virtual or real … Continue reading The Net

Speed Kills

Recruiting is all about speed. The faster you find that purple squirrel the happier every one is. But be careful out there. Speed kills. Sometimes it feels like one of the biggest challenges in volume hiring is getting hiring managers to see the need for speed in the process. If you've recruited you can empathize. … Continue reading Speed Kills

Keeping Score

A long time ago someone explained the value of money to me. Its not the things you can buy with it, or the prestige or power that goes along with it, they breathed earnestly, its not even the tax brackets you so artfully have to maneuver around. Huh? I asked, what is it then? Its … Continue reading Keeping Score

Wild – Cheryl Strayed

A compelling book I could not put dowm. Cheryl Strayed recounts her 100-day plus journey on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT) some fifteen years ago as a young woman struggling to find her identity. Never heard of the PCT? That's okay, you've probably heard of the Appalachian Trail. The PCT is just like that. Except … Continue reading Wild – Cheryl Strayed