Time for some quiet.

Like you this has been a difficult week for me. World events have been painful enough – and our hearts and prayers go out to all those affected – yet life challenges continue.

Important deadlines arrived and though met I was too mesmerized in current events to celebrate any personal success. Now another set of important deadlines loom. Popping up one after another like Whack A Mole.

Modern life.

Yesterday I was cleaning and prepping the ceiling for painting. Never buy a home with popcorn ceilings unless you, a. Like them, or b., Are prepared to spend hours removing, refinishing and repainting them. Good times.

Loving home projects I was looking forward to getting into the work groove and listening to music all day, something I can't do at work. So as I got started I turned on the tunes. And a few minutes later turned them off.

The quiet was too attractive

Quiet isn't silence. In the quiet of the day I could hear the mockingbirds and the jays, especially since the latter were protecting their baby from curious Elf (no animals were harmed in the making of this blog). I could hear the wind blowing through the trees, the distant hum of intermittent weekend traffic and the soft gurgle of the creek.

Neighbors were laughing outside, shooting hoops and working in their yards later to retire to their hammocks which is a particular habit on my street.

It was peaceful. Programmed music could not compete.

This morning as I drank coffee on the porch in the early hours I was struck again at the gentle quiet as my neighborhood slowly came awake. The birds beginning to arise, the neighborhood cats stretching on lawns and the early morning fragrance of the jasmine wafting softly in the breeze.

Quiet is replenishing

Quiet gives us a chance to recharge our senses by slowing our experiences and putting things in a more human scale and context. Quiet underscores the rhythms of life.

Deadlines will be met. Work will be done. And we will be busy again.

Yet the enjoyment of quiet – immersing ourselves in the world around us – somehow puts artificial constraints like deadlines in their place.

The quiet spaces in our lives help us make sense of our world and keep things in perspective.

Especially when some events can be so hard to understand.



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