Monday Blues

Ah, Monday morning.

Cursed day for so many around the globe as they wind their way back to work bemoaning the weekend just expired.

What if I told you Monday was a good thing? Read on.

Mondays are a fresh start

Rather than resent returning to work you can view Monday as a clean beginning, what we called a “do-over” when we were kids.

Something not go right last week? Forget it: you get a do-over. People rub you the wrong way? Do-over time. Covered up in minutia while the bigger picture gets lost? Monday is for you.

So how do you develop a different perspective on a day much-maligned? Try these

  • Let Things Go – too many people keep score, a running tally of rights and wrongs (with most of the focus on the wrongs) and let old slights, real or imagined, seep into a new day, week or even month. Do you even remember why you’re upset with someone? They probably don’t. Clean your mind out just like you clean your garage in spring and your closets in fall: get rid of stuff that doesn’t work and approach Monday as if it were freshly-washed linen. It is.
  • Whole Life Balance – that work/family/social triad of your life can help you enjoy each day on its own. Over concentration on work – dragging work home on Friday and stealing time from family and social activities over the weekend to do same – is not healthy for you. Or your work. In our connected age we’re never “away” from work. But we need to be. Develop your social life, spend time with your family and enjoy more productivity at work. Want to enjoy Monday? Enjoy your weekend.
  • Focus – the things that counted last week – the very few things that really counted whether you acknowledged them or not – still count. They’ll count next week, and the week after that too. Especially in HR we tend to get hammered by the hundreds of transactional tactical tasks we face. These need to be done – but they don’t need to be your focus. Monday is a great time to remember and recommit to the one or two things that really make a difference in your work place. Focus wins. Monday is a great opportunity to hone that focus.

Enjoying what you have rather than longing for what you want is the shift that enables being here now. Take Monday for what it is, and celebrate it for what it offers. People have forgotten a lot of what occurred last week and weeks prior but they know how they feel about you.

Use Monday to help turn those feelings more and more positive.

Mondays work.

Calvin and Hobbes CC Bill Watterson


4 thoughts on “Monday Blues

  1. Agree! Hard to not laugh with Hobbes around, and Calvin always makes me feel better about my unruly hair! Accept Monday!

  2. I have to admit that almost every Monday, “Manic Monday” by the Bangles is in my head on the way to work. Loved your article, it has definitely inspired me. Can I add something that helps me? I give myself a goal with a treat. A new goal each week and a new treat if I achieve it. It’s a small motivational tactic and often the treat is just a chocolate bar. The key is in having something to look forward to and a challenge to interest me and get my meter running so to speak! Hope it helps!

  3. Hi Alesandra – what a nice idea! Research shows that small rewards often have more incentive for us than big ones. Wow – I think I’m going to have to start doing that too!

    PS: I love the Bangles…

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