Week’s Best, 31 May

Every week I read hundreds of blogs. (Yes, hundreds.) Partially I read to see what works and what doesn't. Who knows how to make a point, grab my attention, and put something memorable in my cerebral cortex. Mostly though I read because I'm a lifelong learner and I'm frankly just addicted to learning. So without … Continue reading Week’s Best, 31 May

How to Not Suck

Originally this was called How to Be Better, but you probably wouldn't click on that. Its human nature to want to be better. To not suck. We want success in our work, financial security and a loving home life with the people we care about. Along the way towards these we strive, a la Maslow's … Continue reading How to Not Suck

Fountain of Youth

I am not in love with youth. I know I shoud be. Mass media and advertising keep sending me subliminal and overt messages that youth should be adored, adapted and adopted. I'm not so sure. There is nothing less attractive that someone clinging - poorly - to an age gone by. But here's the deal: … Continue reading Fountain of Youth


Another unhappy new hire. I'd taken over the HR team and new hire job sat was killing me. Working for a successful company with good products and strong sales things should have been easier. Maybe they were too easy Like any large enterprise there were lots of moving parts. We weren't recruitring for the sales … Continue reading Sizzle

What’s In a Name

She had three names. Recently while tweeting with a friend I noticed her Twitter name had changed slightly. Sometimes people have three or four names and it can be a little confusing what to call them. In a medium with a 140 character limit the name Enya or Miley can come in pretty handy. Sometime … Continue reading What’s In a Name

Week’s Best, 25 May

From pizza to yoga we've got it all. Weekly I share the best blogs that I've read to help showcase not just fine writing, but fine thinking. The truth is if you want to write a good blog you have to read a good blog, and my Twitter mission is to share innnovative and creative … Continue reading Week’s Best, 25 May

Listen to Me!

No one listens to me! Seems I get this cry once a week from clients, coworkers, peers and so forth. Now despite the obvious overstatement (I mean, someone's got to be listening to you) it can feel like a common occurrence. Since much of work is bound in influencing others lets peel back the layers … Continue reading Listen to Me!

Happy Happy Joy Joy

It all started on the #7 bus. Last week I experienced two people in vastly different situations yet both doing extraordinary work. Taking the same bus around the same times a lot lets you recognize the drivers. Years ago I flew so much I recognized some American Airlines flight attendants. But that's another story. The … Continue reading Happy Happy Joy Joy

Easy Chair

Don't work for furniture. Years ago Texas legislators coined a term for peers - almost all of whom were men until the early 70's - who were so ineffectual and inconsequential that they didn't matter in the least: furniture. You wouldn't know such a member was there during a session unless you bumped into them. … Continue reading Easy Chair

Why I Hate HR

Periodically we see a slate of blog posts and articles with titles like the above. Incidentally, a good way to get hits on your blog is to put inflammatory words like "hate" in the title. "Sex" works too. Pundits, frequently without any HR knowledge, castigate an entire discipline with a few snarky comments, wipe their … Continue reading Why I Hate HR