Best of the Week, 10 May


Last week I introduced this note by saying I like to blog.

A lot.

I still do: you may have noticed.

But again, you seldom learn something new when you do all the talking (or writing) so I like to read a lot as well.

The following writings I shared via SoMe earlier (my Twitter bio says my passion is sharing creative and innovative people with you!), and are worthy of being seen again I believe.

Here are authors and writings I really responded to in the last seven days.

Best of the Week

We reached our “people-person” quota in HR long ago. So says the inimitable Jane Watson and I couldn't agree more. Don't get me wrong: I love me some peeps too, but when was the last tme you met any professional – accountant, engineer, marketer, etc. – who introduced themself as a people person?

Jane deconstructs why that's not only a tired old cliche but a fundamentally wrong idea for the HR professional.

See Jane's thoughts on Twitter @JSarahWatsHR

Who can't love a blog that starts with a quote from one of the best – and scariest – movies of all time? In “We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat” Mat reviews the emerging debate on HR and its relative value and offers some caution around leaving this exam at the debate stage alone.

Follow Mat on Twitter @RafaDavies

Julie takes a current and popular thought – passion in one's work – and asks some tough questions about its relevant place in our professional lives. A beautifully and personally written blog that examines just how passionate we need to be to do good work.

See more of Julie's ideas on Twitter @JAWaddell

In this no holds barred self-exam Danyel asks the tough question: do you want to jump on the bandwagon of popular HR culture-speak or provide solutions to your clients? Danyel's insight, analysis and honestly propel this writing to a must-read status for the week.

Danyel can be found on Twitter @TheTalentPoolHR

There you have it. Please come back next week for another view of what I find to be the best of the week.

While I hope you read my blogs too this weekly note isn't for self-promotion. This is about sharing the bright people whose thoughts and writings spark real introspection – and change – in our lives.

Happy Friday all!




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