Digital Never Dies

Social media has transformed communication. This isn’t news.

If you’re a digital native you take things for granted that I, as an immigrant, have to figure out as I go. That’s okay: life’s a learning process.

Irrespective of native or immigrant status though all of us tend to forget:

Digital never dies

Different platforms serve different purposes. While FB, LinkedIn and Twitter have the lions’ share of use in the US there are plenty to choose from. Whatever you use people will see what you do.

If you post it, they will come.

So for job seekers and job keepers (i.e., all of us) think twice before posting:

  • Rants
  • Pics
  • Passes


You may enjoy posting diatribes. You might even be good at it. Its okay. Its a form of venting and cheaper than a therapist. But ask yourself how often you do so. If its once a week or more, and your name isn’t Louis CK think again.

We’ve all bitched a little, written things we later regretted, revised (or deleted) and in general wished we’d said something different. Hey, Twit happens.

But remember once posted it’s virtually impossible to really “delete” something.

So before you rant ad infinitum, or worse, say something bad about a former employer (which a potential new employer may see) think. If you want to say it after thinking, go for it.

Just don’t be surprised when I see it.


Photos are a fun and quick way to convey information (up to 70% more impactful than words), share emotions and document events. All helpful.

But please reconsider if you post things that are embarrassing to yourself or worse, someone else.

“Funny” snaps have been around since Daguerreotypes [look it up] but are they really funny? Or harmful. And damaging.

Again, post away if you choose – but know the web is non-discriminatory. People you’ll never know can see.

Sharing personal information and pix indiscriminately can lead to terrible results.


“Passes” are those flippant critiques you post on Yelp or job boards discussing services, companies etc. Done well they can be very helpful. I found my stylist on line and she is awesome.

But watch out. As my legal friends would say the truth is often (they never say always) a defense. But what is truth?

Merchants have successfully sued individuals for posting false and misleading statements regarding them online. Key phrase: false and misleading.

If you post something that is largely accurate my experience is small business owners tend to contact you to both apologize and work something out.

But if your review is largely fiction it won’t get the same response. Post wisely.

Write responsibly

Writing responsibly doesn’t mean writing what I, or anyone else, suggests, approves, condones, etc. The web is too big and tangled for that.

Writing responsibly means being responsible for what you write. As Herm Edwards said, put your name on it.

Write what you want.

Just know people read it.


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