Week’s Best, 17 May

A quartet of the week's best as I round up the blogs I enjoyed – and contemplated – over the last seven days.

If you've read my Week's Best before you know my purpose in posting these is to direct the attention away from my own writings (its a way for me to manage my ego) while promoting people whose work makes a difference.

I hope you enjoy these fine authors.


Kayla Cruz puts it right out there: focused on Gen Y and unwilling to accept corporate BS she has a different view, perhaps even a little unsettling. Yet part of the reason I read blogs is to get that different point of view: hell – I already know what I think!

In this particular piece which is definitely not limited to generations Kayla wonders why we are so stuck on ourselves. Being real in the workplace – something women do more effortlessly than men – make the office an environment that can foster trust, support and who knows: maybe even a little fun.

Kayla's Twitter feed can be found here @GenY_Girl


Lalita Raman Like a fine wine Lalita's writings are to to be savored. And just as with a glass of Napa Zinfadel, you want to put everything else aside, take a nice deep breath and immerse yourself in Lalita's words.

In this note Lalita gently prods us to consider what true authenticity means, and how we can get closer to that if we choose to. Just like that glass of the grape you will not want to rush through Lalita's work.

See more from this different and meaningful voice @RLalita


Alli Polin OD Expert Alli Polin asks a simple yet tough question: what choice will you make? Group behavior in the office is influenced by hundreds of such decisions every day – am I going to be an instrument of good will or jump on the bandwagon of bitching and negativity.

Alli's canon of work – and knowledge – is impressive and this entry not only asks the question but provides some help. That's what I call a blog.

Check out Alli's intelligent postings @AlliPolin


Julie Waddell hits another home run as she outlines again the reason and rationale against delayed feedback. We all know the scene: someone gets some negative feedback in a performance review. Months after the fact.

Don't blind-side people Julie says: take action now. Its better for everyone!

Follow Julie on Twitter @JAWaddell


There you have it: the week's best as I see it. Come back in another seven days for another helping of some great mind food and please, share these meaningful people with others.

Happy reading!



One thought on “Week’s Best, 17 May

  1. Christopher,

    Thank you for this round-up. I am looking forward to reading your suggestions and as always, thank you for the support.


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