Week’s Best, 25 May

From pizza to yoga we've got it all.

Weekly I share the best blogs that I've read to help showcase not just fine writing, but fine thinking. The truth is if you want to write a good blog you have to read a good blog, and my Twitter mission is to share innnovative and creative people with you!

This week's collection more than fills the bill.

Read on to see what these excellent writers have to share with you.

Dionne Lew asks us think differently about being “positive”. In this interesting piece Dionne shares just how trite it can become if we wear the mask of positivity all the time: as opposed to the truth of being authentic. Read this if you've ever wondered if being positive was a little bit like faking it. Dionne has a perspective that just might open your eyes, and your heart.

Follow Dionne on Twitter @beyourwholeself

Lalita Raman offers a view of the link between leadership and yoga. A thought leader and yogi for over ten years, she's well-positioned to speak to both, and does so in this remarkably effective write. From patience to humility Lalita describes the love-hate similarities in both disciplines and why adopting one may actually help you with the other.

Lalita tweets @RLalita

Gemma Reucroft tells it like it is. In fact, if you're unsure of something, just sit down with Gem and ask her: she will set you straight shortly. But don't call her HR. In this marvelously effective piece Gem shares why we need to remember people occupy the roles in the offices we work in. We are not our titles – we're humans with all the attributes and foibles that entails.

See what else Gem thinks @HR_Gem

Steve Browne rounds out the week's best with a heaping helping of hot pizza and humility. Steve, one of the most prolific HR people out there, frequently writes about the big learnings from life's little lessons. In this effort he shares what he rediscovered interviewing people, many of them for their first job ever. Feeling a little down? Read Steve: gauranteed you will smile.

Steve's antics and epistles can be followed @SBrowneHR

That's it dear reader: a collection of the blogs that made me think this week. Enjoy reading them and I will write more of my own work later!



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