How to Not Suck

Originally this was called How to Be Better, but you probably wouldn’t click on that.

Its human nature to want to be better. To not suck.

We want success in our work, financial security and a loving home life with the people we care about. Along the way towards these we strive, a la Maslow’s Hierarchy, for personal awareness, growth and development.

This can be a little tricky

You may, like me, have looked into all sorts of practices, beliefs, philosophies, etc in an effort to improve your life. Read mystics, watched preachers, seen doctors, even taken courses in love and life. Sometimes all the advice can be overwhelming and we don’t know where to start and thus, do nothing.

So here’s my simple list to live a better life. Things you can do right now – today – to be better.

  • Drink more water. How much? Lots. Don’t count. Leave a glass on your desk at home and at work and keep a pitcher handy. You will feel better. You will think better. You will sleep better. Your organs will be happy. Your skin (your largest organ) will look better and protect you better. Can just drinking water improve your life? Yes. Do it.
  • Get technology out of the bedroom. Bedrooms are for two things. Honor that and you will feel better. Immediately. We need to disconnect a little bit and have a place where humans come first. Start by reclaiming a space at home that is truly a sanctuary for sleep and sex. The iPhone can wait.
  • Get clear on what you can’t do. And then don’t do that. The most interesting man in the world is not far off the mark. For years I’ve counseled people trying to be things they can’t be because they mistakenly believe that’s what they need to do to succeed. They ape someone else’s career path, lifestyle, etc. Don’t. Just be you. Be the best you you can be, but be you.
  • Learn to love yourself. Simple? Yes. Trite? Never! People can never really know you, much less respond, until you calm down and open up. Love yourself. Give yourself praise and the occasional break. Learn to like who you are and drop the habits keeping you from that. You want others to receive and respond to you professionally and personally? Love yourself first and the rest will come.
  • Say thank you more often. And mean it. Modern life has many pluses – developing social grace is not one of them. People are ruder today because frankly they don’t know any better. Start a revolution in your corner of the world: say thank you more often. Will everyone respond? No. But you’re not doing it for them – you’re doing it for you. Be thankful and you will feel better. Today.

That’s it ladies and gentlemen, the simple guide to living a better life.

By all means continue your spiritual quest for the truth and enlightenment. Just drink lots of water along the way.


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