Week’s Best, 31 May

Every week I read hundreds of blogs. (Yes, hundreds.)

Partially I read to see what works and what doesn't. Who knows how to make a point, grab my attention, and put something memorable in my cerebral cortex. Mostly though I read because I'm a lifelong learner and I'm frankly just addicted to learning.

So without delay here are the writers who hooked me this week.

Ashley Perez shares her perspective a la “what I wish I knew then.” But far from maudlin or nostalgic Ashley offers a kick in the pants if you need it: many of us need it. Who's responsible for your personal development? You. Your career arc? You. Your network? You. You get the drift. Read Ashley and take ownership of the brand called You.

And follow her on Twitter @AshLaurenPerez (although you may have to run to keep up).

Rory C Trotter Jr is just a fine writer period. He could write about the weather and make it seem interesting. In this succinct effort Rory points out what I consider to be a looming question: what will employers do as the labor market shifts to an employee favorable stance? This day is coming folks. You read it here first. And, as Rory points out, the employers who develop communication competency strengths today will realize a sustainable and significant advantage.

Rory's tweets can be read @RoryCTrotterJr

CranstonHolden is the nom de plume of a manager writing about real experience not theory. In this excerpt mirroring too painfully the beginning of my own career, Cranston cautions against playing the role of judge, jury and executioner and quickly running to resolve alleged issues. As any experienced HR person will tell you, there are not two sides to any story: there are about 13. Cranston says the right answer may not be jumping the gun to problem solving but taking a strong look at the facts and conditions before generating a response.

David Goddin asks how much life experience affects the success and value of a coach. First, by identifying the fundamental role of a coach as supporting sustained change, David clears the cobwebs away regarding what a coach does. He then examines the competence, development, experience and client track record of coaches in formulating his answer. Are you selling conversation, or sustaining change? Want to learn more about coaching efficacy? Read David.

David's thoughts can be followed @ChangeContinuum

Jane Watson is a crack writer, HR expert and all-around nice person. In this post she takes on the proposed argument that HR needs to develop the same scientic and evidence-based approach as your friendly brain surgeon. That's right, you read that correctly. I could say more, but not as eloquently as Jane who takes this argument and examines it rationally and throroughly. Want to be smarter? Either get brain surgery or read Jane.

Jane's tweets can be read @JsarahwatsHR

Wow – what a powerful group of writers, thoughts and words. I hope you enjoy them as much as I did, and I'll see you next week my friends!



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