Week’s Best, 28 June

We roll into the first full week of summer - yes! - with some extremely hot takes! Please share these fine writers with your friends and colleagues: these people show week in and week out the value HR brings to the business. I'm proud to know them all.   Sarah Miller kicks off this week's … Continue reading Week’s Best, 28 June

Networking 101

Let's talk about networking. Every week someone says something like "I need to build my network" to me. Okay: I agree. So what are you doing about it? For those confused about networking fundamentals let me give you the summary: You've got to act The number one mistake people make is not reaching out, or … Continue reading Networking 101

Failure to Launch

A watch out in staying too close to the herd is group mentality. Recently I've been in several forums IRL and online where various groups of HR professionals focus on the theme of celebrating failure, i.e., needing to encourage originality. Listen, I understand the nuance. We want to institutionally incentivize and reward appropriate risk-taking by … Continue reading Failure to Launch

The Last Exit

Stop wasting time. Recently I was discussing exit interviews with a client who believes in and practices them. In fact, their interviews are pretty lenghty. Their rationale for same included many of the textbook reasons I remember former employers espousing to me as a newbie. Here's my perspective: exit interviews are a waste of time. … Continue reading The Last Exit

Do You Need Teams?

Team is a four-letter word. Long ago people worked under the direction of a boss who was [seemingly] all-knowing and all-poweful much like Oz. Work was not only transactional but highly segmented and compartmentalized. As post-war productivity flat-lined entering the 1970s we began to look at new models of work relationships and many organizations moved … Continue reading Do You Need Teams?

Week’s Best, 21 June

Another edition of the best of the week and this group of writers is sure to impress. See what these fine authors have to say on their blogs, follow them on Twitter, check out their web sites and connect with them on LinkedIn for more of their insight on a routine basis. You will be … Continue reading Week’s Best, 21 June

Lincoln’s Lesson

Abraham Lincoln had a short memory. The 16th president faced more problems of greater magnitude than any other president before or since. Civil war, overt interference from foreign powers, a six-fold increase in public spending, creation by fiat of paper money, aggressive enmity of the Chief Justice, a combative and concerted Congress, rampant disease in … Continue reading Lincoln’s Lesson

Degree of Relevance

Not long ago a friend updated me on his job search. Although he has years of experience in his field he felt he'd missed more than one opportunity because he doesn't have a degree. The other day I was speaking with a client in a talent assessment. One person rated highly until we got to … Continue reading Degree of Relevance

Culture Cleanse

I pick my feet up very carefully. My old house has unusual dimensions. The bath tub is an example. The edges are high and when shower doors were installed years later it was by means of a metal track put on top of the edge. If you ever stub your toes on these metal edges … Continue reading Culture Cleanse

Week’s Best, 14 June

A full week here at the Writer's Ranch as there were no shortage of good takes from some of the finest. Take a look at what these intelligent authors have to say as you prepare to enjoy the weekend! First a shout-out via the irrepressible Rachelle Falls to all those converging at SHRM13. Why start … Continue reading Week’s Best, 14 June