Week’s Best, 7 June

Every week I find many great writers, so I love to note the best of what I read and repost their stories here.

This week's edition of the best actually developed a theme organically – I don't try to do that. Yet somehow the stories during that drew me in this week all revolved around personal value, integrity and being honest with yourself.

I can't think of better writers than the following set to examine these ideas.


Shelli Johnson wants us to grow up a little and forget about the “why me?” question and focus on “what now?” Rather than get stuck on why Shelli asks what we're going to do next. Moving on is what counts and what to do now is the relevant point. Take a read and see why its better to think about the next step rather than the last one. Keep up with Shelli on Twitter @Shelli_Johnson

Justin Harris knows in raising his two kids that sometimes things fit and sometimes they don't. Its hard to explain to a child while their favorite shirt isn't doesn't work anymore. But we grow out of that by adulthood. Or do we? Sometimes we hang on to childish ways and pretend an employee – or employer – still fits when in our heart we know that's not true. Read Justin to see what that might mean, and follow him @UnlikelyHRGuy

Lalita Raman describes values like fingerprints – individual and indelible. In this clean write she tasks us with thinking about how our values really show up in the day to day that ultimatelty defines our life. Always crisp and refreshing Lalita manages to raise personally challenging questions in open and non-threatening way. See more of what she thinks @Rlalita

Gem Reucroft will set you straight. She takes on the sacred and sour with no holds barred as she asks us what values really mean to us. Are we aping our neighbors' behavior? Playing a never-ending game of “me-too”? Gem knows values are deeper and more meaningful than words on a poster and with Gem you do it right, or you don't do it at all. She can be followed (by running hard) @HR_Gem

Julie Waddell has the most stunning write of the week. Few of us can look honestly at ourselves and acknowledge failures: Julie does it and blogs it. And more important, she writes about what she did to overcome her misstep. A searing peronal portrait you do not want to miss. Julie's further musings can be found @JAWaddell


Hope you found this collection inspiring today, each one having to do with integrity and personal growth. The beauty of this group of writers is that their work could be in my best of every week.




2 thoughts on “Week’s Best, 7 June

    • You are not slow at all and your writing is certainly a joy to share. Thanks Shelli and have a wonderful afternoon…

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