Week’s Best, 14 June

A full week here at the Writer's Ranch as there were no shortage of good takes from some of the finest. Take a look at what these intelligent authors have to say as you prepare to enjoy the weekend!

First a shout-out via the irrepressible Rachelle Falls to all those converging at SHRM13. Why start with a SO? Why not? If this young lady can't make you smile then you are not reachable. And the truth is our work life is all about reaching out and networking as Rachelle proves here in less than 100 words. Keep up with her @CorporateHRGirl. And bring the Cheez-Its

Chris Fields, MLHR keeps it real here as he does with every write. You know that thoughtful, funny, insightful, serious, topical and humorous blogger you once wanted to be? Chris is that guy. In this post he takes on the users and the posers who pretend words have no value even as they exploit the writer for their own benefit. Read Chris. You will not be the same. Chris can be followed @new_resource

Dawn Lennon is fearless and in this write reviews perhaps the most dreaded of HR tasks: releasing someone from employment. If you're been lucky enough to have avoided this act thus far in your career this is a must read. And for those of us who have gone through this more than we should have, it is a sobering reminder of what we need to think about as we say good bye to people whose lives are about to change. See more of Dawn's work @BusinessFit

Bonnie Ungaro technically didn't get this write done this week, but I am known to be loose with guidelines and felt this one ought to be included. Why? Because Bonnie takes us from victim to victor in dealing with a subject that touches all of us at one point: I hate my job! Rather than add to the din of complainers Bonnie lays out a simple and straightforward strategy that will have you moving on to the next step while honoring your current role. Bonnie's thoughts can be read @BonnieUngaro

Ankita writes about performance scores, ratings and the manipulation of data. In this brief yet eye-opening review she examines how college recruits' performance can shift dramatically – at least on paper – over three years as an organization struggles to manage the ratings game. Agree or disagree, Ankita points to a systemic challenge in ratings application and knows that the number isn't enough. Good HR practitioners need to know what's under the hood.

DCulberhouse rounds out the best with an interesting and creative take on risk, leadership and taking chances. In this clever write the author shares what it takes to break through to new leadership as well as identifying those constraints that so often hold us back. And yet, we find that the more we try to reach new levels – the more we break through – the easier that process becomes. Read this for a strong end to your week, and a boost to help you break through.


Enjoy your weekend my friends. If you ever find yourself needing a little boost come read any of my Week's Best series: these people will help power you through with a smile and insight.

Happy Friday all.

6 thoughts on “Week’s Best, 14 June

  1. Christopher,

    What a special moment for me to be included in your Week’s Best post! “Thank you” seems too thin a response for how grateful I feel.

    I replied to your comment on my post and then discovered the support you gave it here.I love this approach you take each week and have discovered others bloggers to follow as a result. Life is good!

    It’s great to be in your line of sight and to have an opportunity to share HR perspectives that need champions.

    All the best,

    • Very kind words Dawn. Thank you.

      My goal is to share the best of what I find in an effort to promote others. Your work is certainly worth inclusion in that body.

      Enjoy the weekend!

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