Week’s Best, 21 June

Another edition of the best of the week and this group of writers is sure to impress. See what these fine authors have to say on their blogs, follow them on Twitter, check out their web sites and connect with them on LinkedIn for more of their insight on a routine basis.

You will be glad you did.

Ashley Lauren Perez kicks things off by asking some hard questions about leader's actions. While the blogosphere tends to alternate back and forth between drippy useless platitudes (celebrate failure!) or caustic cynicism when it comes to leadership, Ashley takes a different – and useful – path. What are the concrete actions leaders can do starting today, to become more effective? A stunning read in its simplicity and value. Follow Ashley @AshLaurenPerez

Danyel Rupert addresses the elephant in the room as is her wont by talking about leadership in the small organization. She knows, as we all do, that most people work in small organizations (<100), and yet advice seems to be plentiful for the mega enterprise leader. In this intelligent assessment Danyel rationally points out the traits and behaviors small business leaders need to emulate to hoist that leadership flag. I feel smarter for just having read it. See more of Danyel's insights @TheTalentPoolHR

Kristina Minyard is more than a little excited but if you knew her you'd know that's the way she rolls: all in, all the time. In this beguiling and head-snapping write she not only defends “crazy ideas” but asks the question: why wouldn't you have them? Want to think about doing HR from a customer point of view and really making a difference every day of the week? Read Kristina. She can be followed @HRecruit

Will Thomson writes many intelligent posts about recruiting (just don't get him started on that Spurs thing). In fact, as a top recruiter he knows finding and placing talent is as much art as science and Will kicks ass in his role. This post though doesn't talk about recruiting: its about gratitude. Gratitude for life and family and experience, and what's more, for the ups and downs that make us appreciate them all. No, this post won't make you a better recruiter, but it'll probably make you a better person. Read Will @WThomsonJr

Alli Polin finishes off the Week's Best with an elegant and direct question: can you be a leader without emotion? Alli knows that for many leadership means stifling, ignoring and dismissing emotion in onself and in others. Somewhere along the leadership continuum someone uttered this silly notion and many of us bought into it. But are we not human? Do we not feel the range of emotion inherrent in being alive? Of course. And Alli shows why that's not only okay, but in fact desired, in leadership. Her Tweets can be seen @AlliPolin

Wow. Another powerful punch of Pulitzer prowess. I hope you enjoy these fine thinkers, writers and doers. And if you are in need of more stimulation, imagination and rumination see any of my past Week's Best stories. I read all these writers regularly and I hope you will too.

Have a wonderful weekend my friends!


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