Week’s Best, 28 June

We roll into the first full week of summer – yes! – with some extremely hot takes!

Please share these fine writers with your friends and colleagues: these people show week in and week out the value HR brings to the business. I'm proud to know them all.


Sarah Miller kicks off this week's parade by exploding the myth of busy-ness. In this spot on write Sarah demolishes the trend of being too busy to help and obliterates the fail of drowing in the shallows. Read at your own risk: Sarah will call you out and dress you down if you abandon the team by being too busy to help. And forget about the other extreme of doing it all no matter the cost. Screw that! as Sarah says. Read more of Sarah (and be forever changed) @WhippaSnappaHR

Justin Harris, PHR stuck his foot in his mouth. No wait, uh, Justin didn't do that, you did. In this fun but serious look at building trust in communications Justin reflects on techniques our predecessors used to gain those crucial few moments in framing an answer before commenting to people. He urges us to find our own way to develop that nano-second break prior to responding so our sound bites don't bite back. Justin's thoughts and the odd cigar recommendation can be found @UnlikleyHRGuy

Ashley Lauren Perez has developed powerful reflection for someone so young. In this penetrating review she asks the simple rhetorical question: are people better off having been in relationship with us? Ashley comments on the new normal in the workplace recognizing people won't stay in one place very long. What can we bring to bear to make our time together more valuable and ensure that when the party is over, people leave smiling. See more of what Ashley thinks @AshLaurenPerez

Rory C Trotter Jr writes more frequently and intelligently on the technical components of HR than most. For that reason alone he's worth a read. Yet here Rory jumps in less charted waters and says Social Media isn't optional for recruiting: its table stakes. Admitting his views have changed even as others still debate its value Rory asks how candidate and company will find each other in the future (which is now) absent an effective SoMe campaign. His concise and compelling ideas are @RoryCTrotterJr

Jay Kuhns has written one of the most powerful pieces I've ever read. Period. Fair warning: if you are a racist or “ist” of any kind, this selection is not for you. Jay clearly and succinctly points out what we need to do if we are going to take this scourge on and deal with it directly. More importantly he notes why saying nothing about this blight is really just another form of complicity. Jay's passion can be seen @JRKuhns


Another edition of the week's best comes to a close as summer time launches into high gear. Share these fine writers with others, follow them on Twitter, Link up with them on LI and read their blogs. You will be smarter for having done so.

Come back next week for more of the best, and read my past weekly reviews if you can't wait seven more days!

Enjoy yourself and don't forget the sunscreen!


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