The Human Side

Human beings are funny. Throughout my career I've worked with lots in the IT sector. Designers, developers, testers, engineers, administrators. Many of them linear thinkers way ahead of the curve and in most circumstances a lot of fun creative and unafraid to try new things. Refreshing. Another large part of my background has been spent … Continue reading The Human Side

Grade B

Labels are difficult. The other morning while enjoying waffles with delicious syrup I noticed the maple syrup label said Grade B. Grade B? What happened to A? Isn't A better? Turns out the grade measures translucence, ie., the amount of light that passes through the syrup. The USDA uses four grades (three different As and … Continue reading Grade B

The Conversation

Buses are democratic. Have the fare and anyone can ride. Friday I took an early No 7 so the usual crowd of familiar faces was gone. A heavily tattooed woman (not unusual here) about my age sat in front of me not having a good day. Looked like she had her world's belongings in her … Continue reading The Conversation

Best Blogs, 26 July

Some rebranding as the "Week's Best" series has been renamed "Best Blogs." I just couldn't wrap my head around the auditory sense of "weak" and "best" tied together, so Best Blogs it is (until I change it again.) Note also the date of each post is now trailing the title to enable easier searching. This … Continue reading Best Blogs, 26 July

I’ve Got a Secret

We love secrets. The only thing we love more than keeping them is sharing them. Indiscreetly. In research conducted at Carnegie Mellon University [full disclosure: I was accepted there and wished I'd attended but Pittsburgh has snow] we're learning more about privacy and the willingness to abrogate same. We share what we shouldn't The studies … Continue reading I’ve Got a Secret

The Prophet

Truly I tell you. Depending on which gospel you read, the oft-quoted line about a prophet never being accepted in their home town begins with the phrase truly I tell you. We'll come back to that. When we think of the word prophet an image of predictor comes to mind: someone given to talking dreamily … Continue reading The Prophet

People Person

Are you a people person? For years unsuccessful Human Resources candidates would say 'I'm a people person' somewhere during their interviews with me. Inside I always thought, that's too bad, if you were more like a cat or a dog person you'd have a better chance as I'd understand you more. On the inside. Thankfully … Continue reading People Person


We are our own worst enemy. Human Resources is a broad heading covering a wide range of disciplines and responsibilities. Make sure you have agreement and alignment with your managment about what both include for you. The challenge we face in HR is the looseness of our boundaries. While some of us are expert staying … Continue reading Boundaries

19 July Week’s Best

No summer lull here as worthy blogs keep getting posted around the globe! If this is your first visit to the Week's Best let me explain its a simple curation of some of the best blogs I've read over the last seven days. The only rule I use in collecting them is they have to … Continue reading 19 July Week’s Best

Make the Call

Time to decide. As organization models have shifted over time the need to make decisions daily has increased. But a lot of us are blowing it. An under appreciated role in manager-as-leader is decision-making. Moving things forward. Yet we often avoid decisions leaving them undone like an unmade bed. Do It Now Managing through group, … Continue reading Make the Call