A Look Back

Half way there.

Six months into the year and headlong into summer its a good time for a quick look back.

Since today also marks my 100th post here a little reflection seems apropos as we move into the second half of the year.

Here are some of my learnings thus far.

  • Surprises Happen – I never know what posts are going to generate reaction. On the numbers alone, Why I Hate HR is the clear winner which leaves me mixed feeings. I'm sure the title drove some traffic as any 'hot' word, hate, sex, suck, etc., gets noticed. Yet readers by and large were pleased this was not another beat-up HR rant [I don't rant or snark. Ever.] but rather a spirited look at why HR matters. So I've learned to write as well as I know how, post those thoughts, and not try to predict what get reaction. Life is full of surprises
  • Audacious Goals – In 2013 I kicked off the Book Project, a crowd-sourced list of 52 different books to read in 52 weeks. The why's and hows are explained on that page, and Reflections on Volumes, so needn't be repeated here. Books still matter as a source of wonder, ideas and imagination remaining a key way to learn. I'm slightly ahead of the rate required rate to read all of them this year. True to my nature I keep picking up other books too so my list is even bigger than it appears. Setting big goals stretches you
  • Focus – My strength is how people work together and how we as leaders influence that. Why? Its not only what I know, its what fascinates me. Women and Their Work is a good example of this: I write what I know. While I love art, music, gardening and golf I'm not in the position to write about these as anything other than an admirer. Firms actually pay me though to help them decide how to manage people and organizations. That's what I write about. Concentrate on what you know. Focus wins
  • Moved – Seldom do I write when the spirit moves me emotionally. I write at the same time every day and never on the weekend. Yet the Sunday following the Boston bombing I had an unusual sense in the early morning stillness that enabled me to write Quiet without thinking. For 2013 it remains the most emotional and heartfelt piece I've done and by far the one that has engendered the most passionate and personal responses to me. Sometimes you have to let your feelings show
  • Respect – Perhaps my greatest learning has been the growing awareness of so many other fine writers with perspectives different than mine. Every day I look forward to their work. I stumbled upon the “Week's Best” idea as a weekly capture of 3-5 solid writes I can refer readers to. It seems to have taken on a life of its own so while I was thinking about stopping the series, I'm going continue it for now. Its a great way for me to show gratitude for those who inspire me. Gratitude counts

Looking back I've had a lot of fun. Sharing ideas, reading comments, discussing and even debating views has proven to be a real value to me.

I'm going to write more about the things I know and remain curious about the things I don't. The way people work together fascinates me.

Now let's get back to work: the year won't wait long!



12 thoughts on “A Look Back

  1. Happy 100th post. I have no idea how many posts I’ve done. I’m afraid to look actually. I love this. Growing into various phases of your life and looking back with fond reflection is an amazing thing that many people do not do. Congratulations on being a forward thinker.

  2. Christopher,

    Your spirit and commitment to sharing shows in every post, but both are given great weight by your willingness to make communicating with us a unique kind of mission. You can’t write 100 posts otherwise.

    Thanks for giving so much of what you know and who you are. Whether each post knocks it out of the park or not, it’s all good. Anytime perspectives are offered or challenged, we’re better for it.

    So onward. May the ideas and the reward keep flowing. I’ll look forward to the next 100!

    Blog on,

    • Thank you ever so much for your thoughtful and supportive comments Dawn. I really value that!

      Yes, its true some posts are more impactful than others, but I always remember the phrase, assume good intent. So as long as I am sharing just to offer help, then I am okay with that.

      Thank you for writing Dawn!

  3. Congrats on this milestone Christopher – your posts are a source of enjoyment and inspiration for me (and many others). Keep up the excellent, humble and honest writing!

    • Oh thank you for your meaningful note Jane!

      Yep, I plan to keep on writing until the well runs dry. And then I will turn on the faucet!

      TY for your kind and thoughtful words Jane!

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