5 July Week’s Best

A happy holiday edition of the week's best as we here in the States continue a joyful long weekend on the heels of the Fourth, our Independence Day.

Summer begins its real ascent now with vacations ahead for many, almost all the kids having long forgotten about school and everyone enjoying the sunny days and cool evening breezes of the season.

What better time to relax, pull up a chair and read some of the Week's Best!

Gemma Reucroft begins the parade this week asking us directly (as is her wont) what are your best practices for? Gem knows some HR teams take on practices because someone else did. Surely there has to be a better rationale. In this honest opening Gem reflects on why each of us need to concentrate on the best practices for our situation and business needs: no one else's. Be yourself and learn from Gem @HR_Gem

Lidiya writes an intelligent and personal post about learning from failure, and teaches the rest of us in so doing. Far from asking from sympathy Lidiya immerses herself in the emotion, allowing herself to pass through the stages after a setback finally emerging wiser and stronger about what she needs to do, and more importantly, who she is. See more of this remarkable writer's ideas @LidiyasBlog

Cranston Holden goes back to his first fulltime job to share a lesson he's never forgotten, and one that has never stopped helping others. Give people a reputation to live up to. In this heartfelt remembrance Cranston reviews the energy and motivation he realized trying to meet the condifdence and public praise of his first boss. Think managers can't motivate? Read Cranston

Rayanne Thorn shows us why learning is a function of discomfort. Want to grow? Make things a little uncomfortable. In an age when some promote themselves as ninja/guru/master etc Rayanne points out simply that any knowledge she's gained is a direct result of admitting she doesn't know everything thus being open. You can't pour more water into a filled vase. So empty yourself out a little, lose the self-promotion and be open to the world. You will learn – and grow. Rayanne's ideas can be seen @Ray_Anne

Danyel Rupert closes this week's edition strongly with a beautiful hip hop flow. Celebrating diversity in action seems like an oxymoron to some – probably because we forgot how to celebrate. In this incisive work Danyel provides a simple truth and illustration: solving business problems using diversity is celebration. Its taking advantage of people's skills because of what they bring – not what they are. Read more from this smart HR person (and hip hop master) @TheTalentPoolHR

Thanks for reading this edition of the Week's Best, my homage to the writers, thinkers and artists who inspired me over the last seven days.

I hope you'll share them with others, read their blogs, connect with them on LI and follow them on Twitter.

The beauty of SoMe is the learning that is so freely available to all regardless of position in life or location on the globe. Help me spread the ideas of fine writers like the ones above, and please visit past issues of the Week's Best to learn from other thought leaders.

And then get out there and have some fun!


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