12 July Week’s Best

Its the heart of summer in the USA (my favorite time of year!) and things just keep heating up as we collect the Week's Best.

Wherever you are, I hope July finds you well and you enjoy and appreciate what these intelligent and insightful writers have to say.

Let's get going!

Steve Browne kicks off the parade and why not? If you want to get your blood going, your heart rate up – “geeked” – just read what our friend talks about in this important note. Steve reminds us that people need “encouragement with context” (just freaking brilliant if you ask me) and the opportunity to stretch themselves. Read this much-needed summer refresher and you too will be geeked. More of Steve's thoughts can be seen @SBrowneHR

Julie Waddell takes a fun approach to the recruiting game in this charming review of entry into the online dating world, and no fans, its not Julie's entry, she remains happily married. In this vingette she reviews how the dating world and recruiting world can be so similar as after all, they're both full of potential candidates (dare I say) vying for the position. In perhaps the best line I've read this week Julie reminds us “there's no easy when it comes to people.” Julie's remarkable insights can be found @JAWaddell

Cranston Holden reveals the difference between a lemon and an orange in this amusing yet important take on what really resides inside us. Want to know which you are? Take the squeeze test and find out – then ask yourself which you'd rather be. A delightful blend of funny yet profound that will undoubtedly make you think.

Rory C Trotter Jr continues his rising arc of intelligent and truly reflective pieces in this work describing what he learned by stepping back for the first time in almost two years. Rory, one of the most productive bloggers I follow, rediscovers some profound truths and thus approaches his work, and his life, with a new respect and enjoyment. Another wonderful write from @RoryCTrotterJr

Dawn Lennon closes the week with a smart self analysis: do you want to be in front of the curve or behind the eight ball? In this clear and compelling work Dawn explains why career management is truly an offensive science and not the reactive defensive strategy some of us employ. Read Dawn, and read her again: you will learn every time you do! Dawn's ideas can be found @BusinessFit

Wow: another round-up of intelligent, up-to-the minute ideas, thoughts and perspectives on career and work. I hope you value these fine writers – and will share them with others! – as you prepare to enjoy the weekend ahead.

It was my pleasure bringing the Week's Best to you, and I look forward to seeing you in another seven days! If you can't wait unitl then, be sure to check out previous editions of the Week's Best!

Happy weekend everyone!


One thought on “12 July Week’s Best

  1. Christopher, I am overwhelmed by your affirming comments about my post this week and by your kindness in including me again in your weekly best. Affirmation is often the best motivation…it sure is for me! I’ll try to keep up the pace.:-) Many thanks, as always, ~Dawn

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