Are You a Twitt?

What is optimum?

There are many articles on effective Tweeting.

Optimum number of Tweets per day (current foklore says 22), best time of day to tweet, even target number of Tweets to ensure the maximum ratio of RTs to Tweets (wow).

There's plenty Twitter analysis for you.

So if you're a little confused let me add a completely personal, non-analytic view.

Its called “Social” Media for a reason

Mathematical ratios don't work well in a social environment, so let's look at some top lines.

  • Tweets per day – Figure out the right number of tweets and you're good to go, right? Having worked with attorneys for years (no slight there my learned friends) I know the devil is in the details. What's constitutes a tweet? Original thoughts for sure. But what about replies? And RTs? And chats? These can easily multiply the “optimum” number by a factor of five taking you from 20-100 in a day. What's right? You decide.
  • Auto DMs – Not. Don't do it. I don't know of a single Twitt that I follow who likes them. They are the virtual equivalent of junk mail and discarded just as fast. Nothing says I don't give a shit about you as a real live human being like a mindless self-promoting Auto DM. They do serve one purpose for me however: Auto DM me and I Auto Delete you.
  • Time to Tweet – This is tricky. Since I write very early I use the scheduling tool in HootSuite as well as Buffer to spread my tweets out (no one wants 20 tweets in an hour – that's spam). Yet the best time to tweet is dependent on time zone. Half of the people I intereact with are in Europe, Singapore, New Zealand and so forth. So spread your tweets out or just tweet at a time that makes sense to you. Don't overthink this.
  • Promotion – Using Twitter to promote business is no different than promotion IRL: its a two way street. If you want to get into user's heads or hearts you'll have to let them into yours [if you have no heart this will prove problematic]. No one keeps people in their lives who simply 'tell, tell, tell' relentlessly. Interact with others to drive connection. Simply push your point over and over and people will simply not follow you.
  • Content Counts – This is what matters. Twitter like other SM platforms requires orignal content to run. So to increase interaction you need to ensure your tweets, links and blog posts have some value. And of course that's the rub – value isn't common to all of us. So tweet away knowing what you think is appropriate may be viewed differently by others. The simple rule is this: if you think it adds value tweet it.

There you have it. A non-analytical way to look at Twitter. With over 200 million users posting thoughts every day its assured you'll find a community that reasonates with you.

So forget the math and do what you think is right in reaching out to others.

Its called “Social” media for a reason



2 thoughts on “Are You a Twitt?

  1. This is great, Christopher. Analysis has its place but intuitive thinking can often replace it for its own truth. I particularly like “Content Counts.” With so much “out there,” a nugget, insight, or fact that awakens makes a difference. So keep getting up early and sending out such good stuff! Thanks, ~Dawn

    • Thank you Dawn: your comments are so worthwhile to me because I know they’re sincere. And yes – I will keep writing until I feel like I’m not adding value! Thank you for reading – and commenting!

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