19 July Week’s Best

No summer lull here as worthy blogs keep getting posted around the globe!

If this is your first visit to the Week's Best let me explain its a simple curation of some of the best blogs I've read over the last seven days. The only rule I use in collecting them is they have to be original and helpful and they can't be my own.

With that said, let's dive in!

Dawn Lennon starts the collection with a strong piece on the challenge of managing employees who hate their job. Hate is a strong word Dawn uses intentionally to underline the slide along the continuum from disengagement to outright dislike is a long one. In this insightful piece Dawn argues convincingly that supervisors can – and must – step up with conviction early to arrest it. Read more @BusinessFit

Gemma Reucroft borrows from A Christmas Carol (you tell Gem she can't do that in Juy – I'm not) to present a meanignful story on the chains we create for ourselves. Like Marley we forge the chains that bind and limit us every day. Unlike Marley we have the chance to do something about that now. If you need a little help to do so keep reading @HR_Gem

Victorio Milian argues that the shelf life of our KSAs and competencies is shorter than we think. And if we're concerned about that (who wouldn't be?) we'd better challenge our operating assumptions. In this well thought-out analyses Victorio explains why the HR discipline needs to regularly retest the beliefs we hold dear before our career freshness is out of date. See @Victorio_M for more

Katy Tynan writes an elegant review on the art of control. That is, how giving some up might actually be good for you. In this finely tuned example she visits the need for structure and system and yet outlines how each imperfect person – people like you and I – can actually contribute more when unshackled and enagaged. A refreshing and liberating view. Katy's further thoughts are @KatyTynan

Annette Franz closes the week with a power punch taking our friends at iconic Starbucks to task not for flavor or pricing but for practice. Or lack thereof. In this velvet glove review Annette reminds the ambiance giant that their lack of consistency hurts the brand, and by proxy reminds us of the same thing. The next time you order your beverage of choice think of the need for consistency in companies and in people. Annette's insightful and insouciant ideas are @AnnetteFranz

These writers made points that hit home for me and, as is the norm for the Week's Best, they did it with style and substance. I hope you enjoy these pieces as much as I did and will not only share them with others, but start following these thought leaders as well.

Come back in another seven days for more of the Week's Best. And if you can't wait that long, please visit earlier week's editions as the worth of these thinkers and writers never goes out of style.

You stay classy readers!


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