Best Blogs, 26 July

Some rebranding as the “Week's Best” series has been renamed “Best Blogs.” I just couldn't wrap my head around the auditory sense of “weak” and “best” tied together, so Best Blogs it is (until I change it again.)

Note also the date of each post is now trailing the title to enable easier searching.

This week a theme emerged in scouting the Best Blogs. Since I note stellar posts as I read them over time there's typically not much that connects them organically. This time serendipity stepped in though as each post relates to a question of our desire, integrity and intent.

Read, and please share, these fine writers from this edition of Best Blogs.

Sarah Miller reappears in the weekly tribute with a simple, stunning and sublime post on leaving. Gracefully. If you haven't read Sarah before you are in for a treat. She has a natural, authentic and ageless voice and in this wonderful story she discusses knowing when to leave. And how to do it well. More of her ideas can be seen @WhippaSnappaHR

Shelli Johnson notes the dangers of not listening to oneself in this telltale account of paying attention to the little voice inside – and the problems we encounter when we don't. In this accessible and accepting post Shelli relays how she stays tuned in to her inner sense – her gut, if you will – and the lessons that taught her that doing so was important. See her thoughts @Shelli_Johnson

Alex Hagan returns to active blogging after a bit of a break (Yay!) with this succinct and telling critique about branding. How does branding include integrity and being who you are? Read Alex and find out. Technical and well-tuned this post will have you understanding why branding is important yet must be true. Alex has more content to be seen @AlexHagan

Laurie DesAutels kicks down the door of complacency in this on-target demolition of desperation in job hunting. Dear Job Seeker: you wanna get in the door? Check Laurie. In this review of right and wrong written from the recruiter's vantage point, Laurie shows what desperation looks like in confused job seekers: it ain't pretty folks. Get smarter following her @LaurieDesAutels

Cranston Holding lowers the boom in this searing and trying post. Can't handle the big stuff? Don't read this. Cranston asks the not-so-rhetorical question: what are you gonna do with your life? And when will you choose to change direction if you don't like where you are. Why not today? A classic and challenging post.

What a collection of impactful authors both new and familiar we had for you this week!

Best Blogs is intended to spread the view of different ideas and perspectives from writers who really made their point this week. Please do share liberally with your friends and colleagues.

Come back and see us in seven days for more of the Best and check the archives for past editions as well.

Have a wonderful and joyous weekend wherever you may be!

Until next week!


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