Best Blogs 30 August 2013

The hottest month of the year comes to a close in the States and these writers are smokin'! Weekly Best Blogs scours the digispace for meaningful content relevant to the world of work and how we support each other professionally and personally. In this edition a theme of perseverance emerges. Looking life in the eyes, … Continue reading Best Blogs 30 August 2013

Inner Light

Thank you. Being from the South I experience a certain level of civility in day to day interactions. You won't really know what's that's like until some twenty-something with tats and piercings calls you sir. And means it sincerely. Its as much habit for him as for me. Long live manners. Some argue our world … Continue reading Inner Light

Recipe for Success

What gets you up in the morning? Often we want to throw money at people in an effort to engage┬áthem, and tie them to us. Sometimes comp experts even say things like "lock them up" and "golden handcuffs." Those kinky comp folks. The challenge though is how do we hook people to the enterprise in … Continue reading Recipe for Success

Battleship Balance Sheet

Are you in shape? Just finished reading a biography of Jamie Dimon. Like him or loathe him the wunderkind of Wall St (and the banker the Fed turns to) has a relatively straightforward plan: build your balance sheet, strip unnecessary expenses and wait for the market to turn so one can pick up quality assets … Continue reading Battleship Balance Sheet

Best Blogs 23 Aug 2013

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum... This week's edition of Best Blogs evolved organically: I love it when that happens. Regular readers know I use this platform to point out some of the best writers from the previous week, "best" meaning their words and ideas really struck a chord with me. … Continue reading Best Blogs 23 Aug 2013

The Poser

Hold that pose. Career guidance in social and formal media is fundamentally contradictory. The prescriptions for success are mixed and dangerously at odds. Getting In We inveigh considerable energy teaching aspiring job holders how to successfully complete the interview process. Eg, the 10 questions they'll ask, the one thing you need to know, your three … Continue reading The Poser

The Average Leader

Recently I worked with a group of new supervisors as they embarked on their leadership quest. Say what you will about the vanishing middle manager role, there's plenty of demand for the first-line role, whether called coach, supervisor, team leader, etc. People look to them for support. Everyone wants to know the keys to supervision … Continue reading The Average Leader

Social Misfit

Wanna be social? You're probably aware of the need for branding, presence and connecting in building your network on-line. All of these are important. Yet the number of Social Media choices can be overwhelming matched only by the number of so-called gurus telling us we don't use them well. So how do we adopt SoMe … Continue reading Social Misfit

You Matter

Chewy likes to run. In the mornings before most are up, Chewy and I run. Its a habit that serves us both enabling a pleasant start to every day. Often as we cruise the neighborhood we tidy the place up a bit: pick up some litter, put a wayward trash can back on the sidewalk, … Continue reading You Matter

Best Blogs 16 Aug 2013

The weather continues unabated thus we look for relief in the momentary escape of ideas, thoughts and notions these fine writers offer. In this edition of Best Blogs we've got puzzling behavior, a dash of green tea and the final break up when we realize we're just not that into him. Read these compelling authors … Continue reading Best Blogs 16 Aug 2013