Best Blogs, 2 Aug 2013

Welcome back to Best Blogs for the first week of August as the summer in the US finally kicks into high gear. Condolences to all my friends in the UK for the unbearable heat you’ve endured.

If this is your first visit to Best Blogs let me explain the simple premise. Once a week I curate the Best of what I’ve read and share them with you (uh, hopefully you then share them with others).

The guidelines for inclusion here are few: be related to work, Social Media or Human Resources, be compelling, and be [not] written by me. Easy-peasy.

Let’s go!

Gem Reucroft opens the door with a well-written and long overdue review of corporate discipline (often euphemistically referred to as “corrective action”). Why, Gem wonders, do we continue to use tools that fail to deliver. We really can’t have it both ways: you can’t manage people like children and then wonder why they’re not more engaged. Read more of Gem – and trust me, you will be smarter for having done so – @HR_Gem

Rory C Trotter Jr writes with his usual crispness and technical excellence about the fairness of a day’s pay. Compensation he points out is to a degree subjective anyway regardless of which methodology we use to determine it. Yet new developments in analyzing big data may in fact lead us to a place where each person’s contribution can be rewarded appropriately. Scary or welcome? You decide, and check out more insights @RoryCTrotterJr

Suzette Henry Campbell examines the organization psyche from the bottom up in this wonderful piece based on a view from the floor. Far from being jaded after years at the ground level in this case the subject reports on the key levers he sees that can take the organization forward and fulfill the mission of delighting customers. One hopes the firm will delight those people as much as this blog delights the reader.

John Baldino will bust a move if you give him half a chance. In this refreshing and confirming work John asks us all to think about the necessary role creativity plays in our work and our lives. While some of us know what turns on our creative juices, some of us struggle. John shares his own recipe for understanding and hopefully unleashing those talents so work is not just more productive – but more meaningful. Match John’s steps @JBAlive

Shelli Johnson returns with another compelling piece that just takes my breath away. In this artful and prosaic prose she clears away the doubt many of us carry around about ourselves: you are good enough Shelli says. And then goes on to point out some simple – yet powerful – practices we can adopt to remind ourselves of this central truth. How she figured this stuff out at such an early age I don’t know. But don’t worry about that, just follow her @Shelli_Johnson

There we go, another really satisfying edition of the Best Blogs.

Reading work like the articles above – and the fine pieces referenced in past editions of the Best – inspires and challenges me. These writers compel me.

If you’ve ever wondered if we really need another blog a simple review of authors like those noted above will deliver a resounding answer: Yes!

Happy weekend everyone!


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