Best Blogs 9 Aug 2013

Sometimes this collection of curated content writes itself and I frankly just sit back feeling privileged to read the work of fine writers like these.

Such is the case for this week's edition of Best Blogs where in each entry the author speaks not just well but personally – these posts are meaningful not just for content, but for connection, the ultimate goal of the artist.

Oh my gosh – let's get started!

David D'Souza opens the dialogue this week with a post that at first blush might seem disheartening, yet read on. David puts it more eloquently than I can, but let me borrow from George Bailey in summing it up: “no man is a failure who has friends.” Count on a compelling story, but don't count on dry eyes. David's thoughts are @DDS180

Ashley L Perez continues the thread with a soul-wrenching report of personal travail and ultimately triumph. No, life is not always easy and the road to success has as many ups as downs perhaps. But when Ashley tells her story you just have to believe in the irrepressible uplift of the human condition. See more of her ideas @AshLaurenPerez

Justin Harris knows weddings are all about the engagement. As is life. In this touching remembrance he relates the aha moment when he realized the secret to a partnership was in working on continued engagement. As in the larger scope of things, achievement of a milestone simply means we get to keep on going, for resting on our success starves engagement of the fuel it needs to propel us. Fine work from Justin can be read @UnlikelyHRGuy

Dawn Lennon asks the tough question: when did it become civil to be uncivil? In this departure from her more theoretical work Dawn personally confronts the edge in modern life and points out another way. A manner of being with each other that speaks to respect, civility and polite interaction. Think it doesn't matter if we're respectful of one and other? Then don't read this post from @BusinessFit

Rory C Trotter Jr normally writes technical, precise well-researched posts. In this baring of the soul however he simply displays his utter humanness and in doing so enrolls us all. This article needs no set up – Rory talks candidly about where he's at, and in the ultimate respect for the reader, lets them decide how to feel about that. Rory's fine work can be seen @RoryCTrotterJr

Each one of this week's authors shared a personal story in such a meaningful way I'm at a loss for words to acknowledge and thank them as much as I am in awe of their strength for having done so.

Please share these fine writers and thinkers from Best Blogs, check past editions for other beautiful wordsmiths, and spread the love by passing these people on.

People such as these, and the other fine story tellers included in Best Blogs, reaffirm my faith in the ultimate joy of the human condition.

Have an exceptional weekend wherever you are in the world.

See you next week ladies and gentlemen.


One thought on “Best Blogs 9 Aug 2013

  1. Christopher, This weekly tribute, your gift to your readers and fellow bloggers, restores our ” faith in the ultimate joy of the human condition” as you show the way. Leading by example has enormous impact, so thanks for the recognition and for being a role model. ~Dawn

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