Best Blogs 16 Aug 2013

The weather continues unabated thus we look for relief in the momentary escape of ideas, thoughts and notions these fine writers offer.

In this edition of Best Blogs we’ve got puzzling behavior, a dash of green tea and the final break up when we realize we’re just not that into him.

Read these compelling authors and please share broadly – Best Blogs‘ weekly goal is to help get these intelligent thinkers heard!

Read on!

Becky Robinson had time to reflect on different ways to run her business as she vacationed on the lake. One day she started a puzzle with her family – three generations of sleuths – and over the remaining time off it began to dawn on her: why not work her business successes like those found in piecing together a complex puzzle. A delightful yet absolutely serious read with many lessons in how we might look at things differently. Becky’s ideas, intelligence and grace can be witnessed @BeckyRbnsn

Annette Franz is never one to miss a customer experience lesson. Want to find out what the circus has to do with customer experience? Read this charming, insightful and real lesson in reaching out and communicating with customers. Some think the digital age has decreased real interaction – Annette shows why that doesn’t have to be the case in this elegant tale. Her brilliance can be followed @AnnetteFranz

Ankita wants you to enjoy your tea. As long as its not green. Or oolong. Or Roobios (which is technically not actually a tea but I digress…) This wonderful story – complete with flow chart! – illustrates the need for the HRBP to manage expectations so as not to set ourselves up for failures. This story isn’t really about tea: its about the need for the professional to be realistic with customers, clients and peers. Write on Ankita!

Cranston Holden does it again. In this episode he illustrates the danger to the organization when we aspire to lead, and fail to do so once given the chance. There is no hidingĀ our head in our hole for another six weeks of winter: when you’re asked to lead, lead! Cranston offers many fine writes on leadership and management at his blog, which I check every day for advice

Julie Waddell ends our tribute this week with perhaps the most difficult experience many of us face in the workplace: saying goodbye to nice people. In this earnest and clear review, Julie explains why being nice isn’t enough. And though painful, sometimes separation is best in business, love and life. Julie’s compelling and insightful work simply gets better every week and can be seen @JAWaddell

Each story this week spoke to a different part of the human experience at work, and this is perhaps Best Blogs’ fundamental purpose: different voices, different views, different ideas.

I hope you enjoyed these thinkers as much as I did: I can honestly say I am smarter every week for having read them. Please share them broadly!

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are in the world, and come back in seven days’ time for more of Best Blogs!



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