Social Misfit

Wanna be social?

You’re probably aware of the need for branding, presence and connecting in building your network on-line. All of these are important.

Yet the number of Social Media choices can be overwhelming matched only by the number of so-called gurus telling us we don’t use them well. So how do we adopt SoMe tools – Twitter, LI, FB – without letting their usage get too big, or worse, too boring.

Here’s a view to maintaining balance on the Social Media seas.

  • Find Your Platforms – With literally hundreds of SoMe platforms available you can’t be on them all. While friends of mine use five or six regularly three outlets works for me. Its a small enough number to touch each briefly every day I’m active, and yet, all have a different audience. Use what works for you but don’t be afraid to leave some platforms off your list. Strategy includes deciding what not to do
  • Be Active Yet Selective – The social world is a great equalizer enabling you to interact with people you might not engage IRL. Take advantage of that commenting on what matters to you weekly if not daily. Focus on issues, not people. Some cohorts seemingly exist only for the purpose of putting others down but engaging there won’t build your cred. Things said on line can’t be taken back, so be active where it matters to you realizing you’re building a rep with every post
  • Refresh, Review, Release – Keep it real and keep it relevant. Over time you’ll gravitate from one forum to the next. That’s growth: don’t “do” FB just because everyone else is. As you grow let your SoMe footprint reflect that. If you’ve lost enthusiasm for a group let it go. Your lack of energy will show through. Refresh your content, review where you participate and release what doesn’t work for you
  • Chill – Take a time out. Whether its every weekend, a day here and there or a month-long sabbatical, periodically leave the keyboard alone and reserve your smartphone only for your family. You gotta step off. When feeling low or tired, recognize a break may be the best thing for your timeline. Just like ducks flying south in the winter the pole position changes: sometimes you’re out there leading the way, and well, sometimes you need to drift back carried on by the breeze of others

On-line relationships are just as social as any other with some research suggesting we actually share more intimate information with our on-line friends. Minimize the use of the word “I” and build on “we” and watch your tribe grow.

The good news is that SoMe is still new enough to be in its formative phase: there is no right or wrong. You have not missed the boat so take advantage of your interests and develop a manageable practice that works for you.

And in the meantime, let’s connect.


6 thoughts on “Social Misfit

  1. Good advice! “Everyone” says I need to be on Pinterest, Facebook, LI, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit and I know that there are at least a few others. I know that I’m in the minority but I go where I have the most fun and engagement and for me, that’s Twitter. I wasn’t on Facebook at all until last year and even now I think I created my profile because I was “supposed to.” So silly. Bottom line is you got it right: You choose, have fun, build relationships.

    • I know the feeling Alli… I use LI and Twitter almost exclusively although I do like to play with Pinterest and I keep a Google profile for accesss. Yes, I’ve been told I need to “do” FB (I deleted my acct three years ago) as well as Instagram, Vine, Reddit, etc., but the truth is 3 is all I can do or care to. So I think the key is to do what you feel comfortable with and recognize there are always other options if you want to pursue them. Thanks for sharing your views Alli – I always care about your perspective!

    • Yes, its funny how quickly we can lose our sense of balance and become immersed in one experience making the other suffer… I’m so glad you read, and even happier you’re taking some time off!

  2. Thanks Christopher for the opportunity to engage with you on such a key subject.
    For me social media is about the “social”. I recently did a Google+ hangout with my friend Ted Coiné and we exchanged laughter on the subject and mostly agreed!
    Ultimately as you say it is about finding our own groove and keeping it “real”. I truly appreciate the opportunity to touch-base with experts everyday and engage in what my friend Achim Nowak has referenced as infectious conversations; building on each others energy and co-creating in the process.
    I find that when I engage with colleagues on FB or Twitter it leads to G+ and vice versa. My point is integrating platforms has been quite beneficial for me but it can be time consuming so hence the need to manage time effectively.
    As you say we all need a break but just now it is a true pleasure to engage with you.

    • So many interesting points Johann!

      For me social is the driving force, although every one who comes to a SoMe platform undoubtedly has their own view and agenda. I’m all about learning, sharing new ideas and ultimately propelling self-education. And I absolutely endorse the co-creation you speak of: I’ve been fortunate to participate in these serendipitous exchanges and it adds so much value.

      Agree that the synchronization across platforms is an important feature: its jarring (to me anyway) when I come across multiple “personas” tied to one user.

      Thank you so much for your thoughtful remarks: I certainty enjoy them and am pleased you’d take the time to offer them Johann. You are very much appreciated.

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