Best Blogs 23 Aug 2013

A funny thing happened on the way to the forum…

This week's edition of Best Blogs evolved organically: I love it when that happens. Regular readers know I use this platform to point out some of the best writers from the previous week, “best” meaning their words and ideas really struck a chord with me. None of this is scripted so when a theme emerges – like this week – it is a beautiful and harmonious happening.

This week is all about self-doubt and uncertainty in an ever changing world.

And in giving oneself permission to be human, fall a little bit, and ultimately get back up.

Enjoy these fine writers and please share broadly: the Best is a non-commercial effort to share thinking and acknowledge leadership in various forms. These people deserve attention!

Becky Robinson shares a personal and powerful perspective on why sometimes we need permission to go through the stages of emotion to emerge whole on the other side. Far from self-pity this story reveals why naked acknowledgment can help drive the courage we need to admit things to ourselves in order to move on. One of my favorites writes of the year. See more of Becky's ideas @BeckyRbnsn

Kathleen Mangiafico will shake you up, tell you to put on your big-girl pants, look in the mirror and get going. Want to have a pity party? Not here. In this edgy story she shares some of the influencers in her life who told her to step it up not waiting for perfect or permission. And how you too can make a difference if you choose.

Kristina Minyard knows how hard change can be. Stuck in the midst of a job she loved but a life that was lacking she made the tough choice to change her outlook and behavior. That is hard. That takes time. And the rewards can be hard to discern. At first. Feeling a little blue? Uncertain anyone notices your efforts? Read Kristina's remarkable self-portrait for comfort – and energy! See additional thoughts @HRecruit

CavegirlMBA is smart, savvy, chic and just plain funny. She also knows a thing or two about not taking yourself too seriously and falling victim to the pretense that is often inherent in modern management life. In this delightful write she exposes the hoax and will leave you laughing at the truth sardonically nodding your head in recognition as you reach for a glass of a nice red.

TheVirtualHRDoctor takes a timeout. Big deal. Yes – it is. How many of us, she wonders, dispense this oh-so-accepted standard advice every week to our clientele without ever once taking it to heart. She knows that at some point even the sharpest edge can get dulled without relief and respite: she's given herself permission to take a break and seek replenishing repair. And she's inviting you to do the same.

Inspiring is a word far too overused thus somewhat diminished today. Yet if you start with a clean slate – a blank piece of paper – and apply the word “inspiration” to it, each of these writers would then appear as definitions of the same.

Please share these remarkable thinkers who tell us so much in telling their story.

Thank you for reading this week's edition of Best Blogs. I look forward to seeing you all in another seven days' time.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are around the world!




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