Best Blogs 30 August 2013

The hottest month of the year comes to a close in the States and these writers are smokin’!

Weekly Best Blogs scours the digispace for meaningful content relevant to the world of work and how we support each other professionally and personally.

In this edition a theme of perseverance emerges. Looking life in the eyes, acknowledging our current state and moving on. Victim or owner of our own fate? That choice is up to us. These intelligent and thoughtful authors share personal stories in such a powerful way one can’t help but be inspired.

Please enjoy – and share broadly! – this week’s collection of Best Blogs!

Rachelle Falls is a successful, smart and strikingly attractive tall blonde with multiple degrees, lovely children and a good heart: she’s got it all. Life must be perfect. Wait: what’s perfect? And why do outward appearances, external views and the opinions of others matter so much? Read this achingly personal portrait and you will never be the same. Rachelle’s other thoughts can be seen @CorporateHRGirl

Steve Browne reminds us all that whether we slog through the day or live our life making a double-exclamation point difference to those around us, the choice is ours to make. There is no script life has to follow argues Steve: the imprint we make on others is up to us. Read this fine self-affirmation and ask yourself what’ll it be today: routine or rah rah? Me? I’m using two exclamation points for everything!! See Steve @sbrownehr

Jay Kuhns writes so many good posts its hard to choose just one. But this week, a few friends of mine around the world, both real and virtual have hit some walls, experienced hard luck and in general found things tough-going: I urge them, and you, to take some strength in Jay’s fine and elegant write here: you’ll be better for having done so. Jay says lots of things that matter @JRkuhns

Heather Kinzie is a good listener and caring friend: she pays attention letting others open up and at the same time draws meaning and learning from the words and experiences of others. In this recap of dinner with a friend she shares the impact that thinking ahead and considering the needs of others can make before plowing ahead with our own actions. Heather’s ideas and perspective is @LeadingSolution

Julie Waddell wants to know your sign. And your color. And your MBTI, GPA, M-i-c-k-ey – no wait: I made that last part up… Julie’s fine expose encourages us all to think about what we’re really looking for in talent. With more and more data available (or is it noise?) Julie asks how can we really predict someone’s fit on our team, and why projecting future behavior based on labels may not be the best choice. See more of Julie’s ideas @JAWadell

Each story above has to do with recognizing the challenge in life without giving in to same. To persevere and prevail.

Its a tremendous privilege to read and share the work of fine writers like these. The quality of their thinking and earnestness of their prose simply cuts through the chatter and secures your attention. These people deserve to be heard.

So thank you for reading this week’s edition of Best Blogs. Be sure to check the archives for links to many other fine writers with abundant ideas to incorporate into our lives.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are in the world and I look forward to seeing you in another seven days!



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