Office Space

Where is that paper? Friends I've worked with know how I like the clean desk standard. How clean? I don't even have a favorite coffee cup or pictures from home. There is nothing on my desk but space. That clean. What's On Your Mind? To each their own, but research supports the clean desk clean/creative … Continue reading Office Space

Best Blogs 27 Sep 2013

Welcome to another edition of Best Blogs my friends, the weekly write that scours the web to give you some of the best management and organizational advice from the past seven days. Here five different voices take on misbehavior, misguidance and missed opportunities as they explore what is, and what might be. Each inventive write … Continue reading Best Blogs 27 Sep 2013

Busy Body

If you want to get something done, ask a busy person. This old gem has been around forever and while it may be true it can come at a cost. Be careful about putting one more thing on your plate. What makes us be so busy? Sometimes we injudiciously add things to our schedules to … Continue reading Busy Body

Belief System

Your perspective can kill you. For some time now debate has raged between those who believe that hard work "never killed anyone" and others who claim stress is killing us. They may both be right. In a recent TED talk health pyschologist Kelly McGonigal held that emerging research suggests our beliefs about stress and its … Continue reading Belief System

Who Are You?

Who do you think you are? Years ago Dennis Green birthed a famous rant (famous in sport circles anyway) when he dismissed a reporter's implications about the strength of an opposing team (Da Bears...) by saying "the Bears are who we thought they are."   Syntax notwithstanding he had a point. Who do you think … Continue reading Who Are You?

The Promise

Brand is promise. This past Friday I got in line in the rain more than an hour before a store opened along with hundreds of others to get a new phone. A few hours later thoroughly satisfied with my experience, I walked out of the Apple Store with my new iPhone 5c. Pink. Why? Cause … Continue reading The Promise

What Counts

Gentle rain. At the moment - the early morning hours of o'dark thirty - I am enjoying a delicious cup of Sumatra. Chewy sits patiently waiting for her walk while Elf watches the rain and The Hux ignores all his nocturnal wanderings having just concluded. Its a pretty good moment. Like you, my life can … Continue reading What Counts

Best Blogs 20 Sep 2013

Welcome to another issue of Best Blogs the curation of noteworthy posts from the past seven days. Weekly we look across the digispace for those writers who have said remarkable, different or interesting things and done it in their own inimitable way. This edition does not disappoint. Creative analogies, dark warnings and the odd reminder … Continue reading Best Blogs 20 Sep 2013

Indecent Proposal

Sex sells. Periodically we conduct awareness sessions, train and otherwise try to spread the word about appropriate behavior in the workplace. Sometimes, much like our friend George, people "claim ignorance" so pre-emptive advice with do's and don'ts seems prudent. HR loves prudent. In the larger environment some argue this is overkill. When it comes to … Continue reading Indecent Proposal

Size Matters

Its true. Recently Google made news for letting its 20% "free time" policy slip by the wayside. Denials notwithstanding Googlers say privately its more like 120% now as you still get you free time, but only after a full work week. So that's how they do it... Google isn't alone in discovering that size matters, … Continue reading Size Matters