Its your choice.

In modern life its become acceptable to play the victim. We do this so effortlessly with the behavior so easily parroted we can see it in others as early as pre-school.

We can't do, get or be what we want because.

Because of something. Anything.

Such a powerful and misused word.

Our work, relationships, pocketbooks etc are all less than we want (or desreve!) because something extrinsically happened.

The word connotes a fait accompli – something [which] had to happen axiomatically.

Yet some of us experience life fully, including its travails, in spite of “because”.

Choice is Ours

Powerful people know and act on something we can all access if we want: choice is ours.

Read no farther and you’ll have learned the lesson for today: choice is always ours.

Our life is the result of choices we made not happenstance. Perhaps we didn't fully understand consequences when we initially made decisions, but as they begin to manifest we can analyze, adapt and make new choices.

Acting out of habit a la the Dunkin' Donut man is not choice but simply repetition.

No one ever said it would be easy and yet, assuming normal intelligence we are never victims unless we allow ourselves to be.


Its hard, I know. Eschewing college right after high school led me to some of the most dangerous and difficult work I've ever done, and after one too many third shifts working outside in sub-freezing weather I made the choice to go back to school [eventually grad school] to enable broader choices about future jobs.

Experiencing a disintegrating marriage due to choices my partner and I made was painful, yet, once the dam of resentment overflowed I realized the right next choice was to end that union and move on and we are now respectful partners of beautiful children if not outright friends.

Suffering a bad relationship, terrible job, unhappy existence?

You have choice about that. Today and tomorrow. A choice not only for what you want but how hard you are willing to work for it.


Some hold that simply “believing” will make things manifest. That positive outlook alone will provide the missing link to the quality of our lives.

Not true. Choice is direction. Effort is power. You need both.

You will not reap the benefit of any personal, professional or spiritual choice without effort being coupled with same. Making a choice without applying the effort required to attain it is simply wishful – and unproductive – thinking.

Unless you like it where you are right now you need to apply energy to your choices. And let's not pretend: playing the victim is a choice you can make as well.

Your life, and your ability to live, is up to you.

The choice is yours.



One thought on “Choice

  1. Such a simple pill and so hard to swallow by many. You are so right, we are the product of our choices, our actions and inaction. Because we own them, we’re accountable for the outcomes they produce, the good, the bad, and the ugly. The wonder of life is the unfolding of those choices and what blossoms from them. Thanks for sharing so much in such a meaningful and encouraging way. ~Dawn

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