Best Blogs 6 Sep 2013

What a fine collection of writes we have in this edition of Best Blogs!

Weekly we scour the web looking for insight, ideas and inspiration and the authors highlighted here do not disappoint! Whether its acknowledging shortcomings, dealing with lack of passion or stepping up for a little courage, these bloggers have a thing or two to say.

Please share these fine thinkers broadly: each of them give selflessly and regularly offering their views freely so that the rest of us might benefit.

This truly is the meaning and power of Best Blogs.

Happy reading!


David D'Souza bares his soul and comes face to face with a question many of us draw back from: are we doing all we could do? In this fine write David relays his experience and the lessons he drew from it while acknowledging its not what he would have wanted. The first step is truly being honest with yourself: David shows us the way. See more @DDS180

Gem Reucroft writes more powerfully and consistently than anyone I know, and has the gift many of us seek: the ability to tell a meaningful story in just a few words. Read this fine paean to courage in the workplace and what that really means and see if you don't agree. @HR_Gem posts many fine ideas

Rory C Trotter Jr is one of the experts I turn to for authentic and well thought out rationale around compensation design, systems and management. And yet here his story is not about comp – its about discipline. Read Rory's personal tale of what he learned by and why he continues to push himself to write even when the passion isn't there. Discipline isn't gone, its simply waiting to be discovered @RoryCTrotterJr

Dawn Lennon will tell you the truth whether you like it or not: you need a few more Dawns in your life. Here she explains why there's not only no guarantee every boss you'll ever had will be a good one, but why that's actually better for you. We learn from everyone if we simply allow ourselves to, and bad bosses can be a great teacher. Dawn's input can be found @BusinessFit

Lalita Raman is the perfect capstone to a strong edition of blogs as she asks the simple yet powerful question, what are you choosing to do? In this compelling remembrance she shares vignettes in her life that reinforced how we all seek connection and communion. Acknowledging one and other is the key to a more conscious and living experience. Choose @RLalita for interesting ideas

Superlatives are easily thrown about today, yet these fine writers are the definition of compelling and powerful. All of us can learn from life's expereinces – the good and the not so good – if we choose to.

Thank you for reading these pieces – and for sharing them – and I hope you look at past editions of Best Blogs for more examples of energy and renewal.

Enjoy the weekend wherever you are in the world!


One thought on “Best Blogs 6 Sep 2013

  1. Christopher,
    Again it humbles me to be included in your list with these other accomplished bloggers. I am grateful for your readership and for the commingling of serious thought on so many important and varied topic. You collection each week is a great service and wonderful recognition for us. Many thanks, Dawn

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