Best Blogs, 13 Sep 2013

Sometimes you just get lucky and find an organic theme running through the blogosphere.

In this curation of Best Blogs we champion original thinkers: people unafraid to look at the status quo and say, what? Is that it? Herein we have recognition, talent, language, value and meaning all in one fine collection.

Enjoy this week's Best Blogs and please share widely – these fine thinkers deserve it!

John Baldino believes in measurement. He also believes in success. How are these linked? Recognition. Yes, John acknowledges, recognition in the past may have been overblown or even rote and it's one more thing to manage. But is it not an important thing? In this straightforward write he shares a new approach and commitment and asks you to consider how recognition might be better leveraged in your firm. John's musings can be found @jbalive

Chris Fields will just rock your world, period. In this powerful write he asks the elegant question: is it talent or is it brand? Chris understands what many of us overlook: brand is talent, talent is a function or recruitment, selection and retention, and these are all HR. Get it? HR is brand management. Think HR doesn't understand marketing or branding? Read Chris to see why that doesn't have to be so. See more @New_Resource

Sarah Miller is the bomb. I so look forward to her orginal, innocent and right-on posts. Here's yet another one. A note to the faint of heart, Sarah doesn't hold back on the appropriate placement of colorful words in the narrative (is there really a better way to express “holy shit” than… holy shit?). In this epistle she explains why “man up” makes her cringe more than the F-bomb. Food for thought in a sexist world, read Sarah @WhippaSnappaHR

Justin Harris is the business partner you wish for. Smart, savvy and focused on what counts he could work in any discipline, he just happens to have chosen HR (lucky us). In this bit of straight medicine he explains why the “value” discussion ought to include value to the business not just personal mores. Justin's review and simple rationale can be put in place today – how I love immediate gratification – so you too can start showing the value of your HR team to your business. Justin will educate you more @UnlikelyHRGuy

Rory C Trotter Jr offers detailed analysis of compensation practice as well as emerging thought in this discipline. Usually. But here he takes a turn into a different space asking the rhetorical question – do you know what you want? His experience as an HR pro has taught him that many people may not know or know how to pursue it. Read his succinct and meaningful piece and see how a master explains a deep point of view in just a few words. Rory's ideas can be followed @RoryCTrotterJr

These writers are original, iconoclastic and heavy thinkers. They say what many of us wished we might and express a rationale for why business – and HR – ought to look past the tried, tired and true to find our rightful place in the world of organizational behavior.

Best Blogs was intended to uncover and share thinkers such as these since their voices are unique and their thoughts intriguing. Please consider their point of view and share them broadly: the world needs more content creators.

Thanks for checking out the latest edition of Best Blogs, and be sure to peruse the archives for many other compelling thinkers and writers. We so appreciate it!

Happy weekend wherever you may be in the world my friends. I'll see you in seven days' time!




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