Best Blogs 20 Sep 2013

Welcome to another issue of Best Blogs the curation of noteworthy posts from the past seven days.

Weekly we look across the digispace for those writers who have said remarkable, different or interesting things and done it in their own inimitable way. This edition does not disappoint.

Creative analogies, dark warnings and the odd reminder about what we pay attention to at work populate this edition in a solid primer for how things really happen in the office. Want to be better prepared with a more accessible view of what it means to compete successfully?

Read on…

Gemma Reucroft just gets better and better. Sigh. How can you include Schrodinger, radioactive material, cats, boxes and HR in one post and have it make sense? If you're Gemma you'll do it in a deliciously wicked and well-done way. Wry is too small a word for this clever and meaningful post. Read more of Gemma @HR_Gem and pray her pen never runs out of ink

CaveGirlMBA knows a thing or two about busy people. World traveler, cocktail connoisseur and renowned conversationalist the CaveGirl knows what it takes to manage a busy lifestyle. Yet in this darker write she underscores the key difference between being busy and acting busy – and why its imperative to know same. The Girl's other thoughts can be found @CaveGirlMBA if you are not too busy

Rayanne Thorn is the person you count on to tell you the truth. For example, SoMe can be exhausting. If done right. And in this piece remarkable for its clarity and impact she explains why a little exhaustion coupled with a sound ROI might just be a good thing. Hey – SoMe isn't the answer, but its a hell of a good question. Read this succinct review to understand where SoMe & HR intersect – and how to make that a fruitful union. Learn more @Ray_Anne

Kathleen Mangiafico energizes you by just being there, a vibrant clear voice that says: don't like your life? Then freakin' change it! In this wonderful reminder Kathleen clarifies what is owed to us (uh: not much) and yet what can be ours if we put our shoulder to the wheel. Her readings always inspire me: I hope you feel the same – and then get up and take charge! Her missives can be seen @kittykat_01

Virtual HR Doctor has the right prescription again, and with this MD we can actually read the handwriting. In this paean to brevity the Dr reminds us actions speak louder than words. Read the diagnosis for yourself and make an appointment to check in with the Dr again – she will keep you healthy

These blogs are personally uplifting: I check the writers regularly as their ideas are valuable and accessible. These people are intelligent, forthright holding nothing back all unabashedly sharing a point of view.

Best Blogs was meant to highlight people just as these – original writers with perspectives that ought to be heard. Please help spread the word by sharing and repeating broadly: these thinkers deserve that.

Enjoy your weekend my intelligent friends wherever you may be in the world, and come back in seven days' time for more of Best Blogs. Peruse our archives for additional writes from other remarkable people.



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