What Counts

Gentle rain.

At the moment – the early morning hours of o'dark thirty – I am enjoying a delicious cup of Sumatra. Chewy sits patiently waiting for her walk while Elf watches the rain and The Hux ignores all his nocturnal wanderings having just concluded.

Its a pretty good moment.

Like you, my life can get busy. Like you, I am responsible for that.

In the past several weeks I've had a multitude of projects come due: thankfully, as of yesterday, they have all been moved to the next phase successfully. That's a good feeling.

The meaning I'm drawing while embracing this, the first morning in some time where I have truly had free time, is that not only can we enjoy the small things like coffee and rain but with a bit of discipline we can keep our lives a little more on the centerline. A little farther away from the edges.

Where things can get truly out of control.

Here's what I've learned that helps make challenging times more suitable for me.

Scheduling Works – Manage your schedule or it manages you. You can get a lot done if you allocate time appropriately. Learn how to do that. I use one calendar for everything albeit a digital one. I'm not syncing work, home, consulting, etc across platforms. I use iCal for everything and let the cloud do the updates across my devices. One place, one system. Managing time is the first step to living an intentional life

Good Habits – Busy people have to have good habits or they won't sustain performance. This is not new yet, if you want to be the best you can be every day these habits have to be rock solid. Sleep, water, exercise, diet, mental health. That's right I said it – you better develop a regimen of good daily habit which includes not putting crap in your head through media or friends. Garbage in, garbage out. Take care of you

Think Twice – I am a helper: if you ask me for assistance I'll probably give it. But once a promise is made a debt is incurred: I am not a fan of debt. So think twice about current commitments, current timelines and responsibilities before saying yes. Experience has taught me people handle “no” better than “its on the way”

Say Thanks – Take it from someone who knows: you can never say thank you too much. Even the most hardbitten road warrior appreciates a thank you offered with sincerity. Yes, I know people have to do their work: its expected. Colleagues and direct reports ought to just do what they're paid for. But let me tell you – a little thanks goes a long way. Try it. You and the people you interact with will all feel – and perform – better

Its been a busy few weeks for me. Yet Chewy has had her walk every day, the gym remains a part of my regimen, lots of water is getting consumed and I make time for coffee with friends. It is okay.

Take care of yourself first so you can be the person we all enjoy and appreciate, and if I can help you let me know.

And thank you for being part of my life dear friends – you make it richer.



3 thoughts on “What Counts

  1. Christopher… sorry for being a bit mean about HR in my last postings. I have made a mental note to write about poor candidate behavior soon, but that means diving into some unpleasant memories…

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