Best Blogs 27 Sep 2013

Welcome to another edition of Best Blogs my friends, the weekly write that scours the web to give you some of the best management and organizational advice from the past seven days.

Here five different voices take on misbehavior, misguidance and missed opportunities as they explore what is, and what might be. Each inventive write will bring a spark of thought to you as you recognize the opportunities that come from looking at things just a little differently.

Read on to enjoy Best Blogs, and please share widely: these authors deserve it!

Becky Robinson speaks out loud the question many of us ask in our head from time to time: what is the value of all this Social Media? While opinions vary, in this clear review Becky points out something we may have missed that goes beyond the parameters of just SoMe: you have to add value before you can extract it. Enjoy this intelligent treatise on the value of participating and the meaning behind it, and see more of Becky's ideas @BeckyRbnsn

Virtual HR Doctor often writes about newly emerging business practice in the modern age. Unfortunately here stone age behavior is the topic as some of us still don't understand the appropriateness of remarking about each other based on gender, age, etc.This still surprises me a little bit but in the main just pisses me off: stop acting the fool men (and ladies) and have a little respect for each other in the office. Doctor's orders

Dawn Lennon shares the truth about our success in business: the ability to get things done and solve problems without drama. Wow: talk about clarity. In this straight forward assessment she helps outline why we must move from “ego to we go” to make that transition because, as she points out, in the business world it is not all about me. Or you. Its us, as in team. Dawn's sage counsel can be read @BusinessFitness

Julie Waddell just makes me smile – when you read this piece you'll smile too. Here Julie takes on the hiring process from both sides of the desk as recently hired managers – who so enjoyed the speed, clarity and deftness of the process – now shrink from their responsibilities to same. But there is no shrinking in Julie's world my friends. Put on your grown up pants and assume your rightful place: this is how its gonna be. Julie's further direction can be found @JAWaddell

Lalita Raman wants us to open our eyes. In this penetrating write she asks how we can go about our day honoring process and history without examining the purpose behind the very actions these drive. Willful blindness – the ability to pretend things are different than they are – plagues many of us. Why? Lalita asks. In this review she explores the upside – indeed, the imperative – to drop the blinders and re-examine why we do what we do. @RLalita offers coaching we can all benefit from

Wow, what a powerful collection of thinkers herein. Best Blogs captures emerging thought to provide a different view on managing our interactions with each other. With a decided focus on organizational behavior these writers remind us our world is what we make of it.

Don't like your life? Take sustenance from these thinkers and change it!

Come back in a week for more of Best Blogs and please do pass this around – our friends and colleagues deserve to learn from these open and positive thinkers!

Have a great weekend wherever you are in the world my friends, and I'll see you soon!




3 thoughts on “Best Blogs 27 Sep 2013

  1. I am beyond grateful to be included again in your Best Blogs of the week. To earn your recognition in the company of these other wonderful bloggers is quite overwhelming. So I offer another heartfelt “thank you” for including me here and for continuing to motivate me to write. With gratitude, ~Dawn

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