Clear as Mud

Do you know where you're going? Not long ago I was asked to help a team with their strategic plan. Would that it were that simple. As the case had been put to me the team was too "tactical" and couldn't think strategically. A little reworking was in order. Straightforward enough. Having done this for … Continue reading Clear as Mud


Street Cred

Turns out I made a list. and Leadtail just released the 50 Most Popular Recruiting Influencers list and I found myself on it. Considering the company on same I have to say I am very very humbled. Yes, its true. Recruiters can, and often are humble. My craft is oft-maligned yet today I offer … Continue reading Street Cred

Always On

Is this thing on? Today almost all of our electronic devices have an always on feature. Smart phone, television, stereo, you name it: push a button or wave your hand and its ready to go. Notwithstanding the power drain - which is bigger than you might think - this is a cool feature when it … Continue reading Always On

Best Blogs 25 Oct 2013

Welcome to another edition of Best Blogs, the weekly collection of important writes from around the web! Regular readers know the theme of each week's menagerie develops organically as if the vibe from the world of writers I follow strengthens and announces itself. This week the muse turns on pride, noise, doubt, certainty and fear … Continue reading Best Blogs 25 Oct 2013

Best Blogs 18 Oct 2013

Though fall is struggling to find its way to our little hamlet there's no shortage of cool stories here! What a great roundup of some of the best of the week! Best Blogs celebrates the innovator, change agent, dare-to-look-things-differently writer. In this edition we have recruiter blues, a question of fit, half an aswer and … Continue reading Best Blogs 18 Oct 2013


Can you feel me? Much has been written about the science of finding a job. This is a good thing as unemployment is certainly higher than the posted numbers and we need every edge we can get. And yet, you'd better be pay attention to art as well as science. The other day I had … Continue reading Feelings

Cat’s Meow

Cats are not people. Longtime readers know there is menagerie of animals in the house. Over time this has included fish, fowl, the odd hamster or two and a succession of dogs and cats. Twitter followers hear about Chewy the Karma Dog and the periodic reference to Elf, and The Hux. The Hux is the … Continue reading Cat’s Meow

The Call

Hello? There's a great deal of information out there about how to do well in an interview. If you're in the market for a job, you should read some. But what about "the call?" Virtually every sourcer there is - a truly noble and challenging profession - and almost all recruiters begin every engagement with … Continue reading The Call

Let It Go

Will you be quiet?! she snapped angrily. It wasn't as much question as plea. Not long ago I sat in a room with half a dozen others wrestling through an intricate problem. In the end we solved many questions but still had a few left. Long meeting. At one point it was getting excited as … Continue reading Let It Go

Best Blogs 11 Oct 2013

A truly inspiring treasure trove of writes in this edition of Best Blogs! Each week as we scour the web for insight from interesting posts the theme of Best Blogs emerges organically: there's no script. In this edition its all about perspective, inspiration and in the end, a deep abiding faith in oneself. The thinkers … Continue reading Best Blogs 11 Oct 2013