Best Blogs 4 Oct 2013

We’re back this week with gentle reminders, loud warnings and the ultimate departure.

Welcome to another edition of Best Blogs, the weekly curation that strives to collect important and meaningful writes from the week of work that was.

Best Blogs is intended to share more broadly writers, thinkers and doers who have something different – and valuable – to say about the word of work and our role in it. Please help share these leaders with others as they offer their perspective on organizational life today.

Rory C Trotter Jr writes some of the most intelligent and crisp articles related to the world of work today. Often delving into the intricacies of compensation design he periodically switches gears as in this helpful write. Hubris – or the lack of self-awareness – is a damaging and limiting affectation Rory writes. See why he believes developing awareness makes us all more healthy @RoryCTrotterJr

Virtual HR Doctor returns with another brief (yet thankfully legible) prescription: before you open mouth, think. Or as we like to say down home please don’t engage clutch, open mouth, insert foot. Read why the Doctor orders you to be more careful before dropping those bons mots you cannot retrieve.

Shannon Smedstad wants us to build bridges, not burn them. In a recruiting world where speed and numbers sometimes seem to be all that we care about Shannon reminds us of a central truth: there are real human beings behind each phone call, each email, each on-line application. Are you building? See more of her ideas @ShannonSmedstad

Ashley L Perez warns us that contentment and complacency are close neighbors and we’d better be aware of that to do good work. In this personal remembrance Ashley pens her “ah ha!” moment about contentment and how she’s lived her work life since then. Hard? Yes. Worth it? Undoubtedly. With integrity? Well of course – it is @AshLaurenPerez after all

CavegirlMBA is smart, incisive and dry with a remarkable sense of irony and insight. Here however with a nod of her head she gives her keyboard a break to acknowledge the dance girl. The meme who’s become famous due to her videotaped resignation. So have a read (in essence this is a two-for-one deal, which any MBA will tell you is a good thing) and take CG’s advice: lighten up a little and get a life. Make your way to the cave @CaveGirlMBA

An interesting and eclectic group this week! From the extremely personal to the let’s have fun for a moment each one of these thinkers gives us good reason to pause for just a second and take a deep breath of fresh air!

With that pause we can look at the world of work with a slightly different perspective and examine our roles in making our offices a better workplace – or not. These writers, and those captured in past editions of Best Blogs, help us do just that.

So please pass these leaders round to your friends, dance like no one is watching, and come back in seven days’ time for another edition of Best Blogs!

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are in the world my friends.



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