Thank You

Its gonna be a good day.

Like you I can get pretty busy at times. Longtime readers know though that I've somehow managed to get to a state of balance in my life enabling me to work hard but still enjoy things aside from and apart from work.

Balance helps a lot kids.

Today is one of those rare days when my schedule is open – I can do what I want. I'm thankful for that. Busy people tend to really enjoy downtime although we may not get much of it. Like a cool drink of water on a hot day we appreciate what we really need.

Some thanks then are in order as Chewy and I sit on the porch enveloped in the early morning humidity – maybe the last day of the season for same.


  • My clients are the best: they give me challenges and confidence and trust my judgement and work ethic. It doesn't get better than that folks.
  • My coworkers are smart. I have the privelege to reach out to so many intelligent and creative partners – its a wonder what contacts can do. Struggling in your work? Pick up the phone: someone will help.
  • My network is awesome. From online to real life I engage with people every day (and if you are in Austin I will take you to the coolest coffee shops in town) and get so much reward from their endeavors, interests and ethics. A vibrant network will raise your game.

Family and Friends

  • You don't get to really discover how cool your kids are until they grow up – and then you're amazed how well they turned out despite their parentage. My kids rock my world.
  • To my buddies who are constant and calm and always ready to swing the sticks on the golf course life is a little better because of you. It isn't the game folks: its about having people in your life who accept you no matter what.
  • And to my friends who share their joy and grief and in general just hope for the best, life is richer knowing people who are grounded and open. A cup of coffee with a good friend is a joy.


  • I fell I love with the ATX over 30 years ago when I first got here: its never wavered. Home of the weird, open to the strange where every body can be who they want, I love my town.
  • The quiet of the morning is a time I revel in, and my hood offers that. Yet big time football, music of almost any description and artists, writers and creatives of all types flourish here as well. In harmony. In republic. Together we make it better.
  • Diversity abounds here. Keeps us fresh. Generations, faiths, races, nationalities. We are not a melting pot, we are a jambalaya of flavors, accents and intensity somehow making the whole much better than rhe sum of its parts. Acceptance is the key.

There is much to be thankful for. Like you I've hard some tough times but every one of them I created myself. No one did anything to me and I am not a victim. On the whole though I've had one hell of a ride, so I'm thankful.

And I appreciate the value you bring to my life as well dear reader, so thanks for that.

Now, if you'll excuse me Chewy and I are going to take a walk in our hood.



5 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. A touching post and important reminder of the power of thankfulness to lighten out steps, brighten out gaze, and liberate our thinking. I suspect Chewy’s pretty thankful too!

    Yes ago when I realized that I was becoming a slave to all my commitments, creating pressures that I laid on myself, I declared that Sundays were my day off. Aside from daily morning and evening barn chores, I spend WHOLE day reading, dozing in my reading chair, and/or watching my favorite golfers, tennis players, or teams if they’re playing.

    Today’s that day for me. But because your post was meant to be read today, this comment was meant to be written. Enjoy your walk!

  2. Christopher- Thank you for capturing the special magic and joy of Austin. And thank you for being a great friend, colleague and mentor. Give Chewy a squeeze for me!

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