Best Blogs 11 Oct 2013

A truly inspiring treasure trove of writes in this edition of Best Blogs!

Each week as we scour the web for insight from interesting posts the theme of Best Blogs emerges organically: there’s no script. In this edition its all about perspective, inspiration and in the end, a deep abiding faith in oneself.

The thinkers here offer us a different view on how to use our talents and time to enjoy the journey along the way. Please share Best Blogs widely: these brave writers deserve the exposure and frankly we all benefit!

Cranston Holden offers a contrarian view in an instant world: good things take time. In this evocative post he reminds us that greatness isn’t something that happens overnight. That’s a sensation. As a former boss of mine used to say, excellence is hundreds of small things done well time and time again. Read Cranston’s timely view for a perspective not only on turning good to great, but on maybe being a little kinder to yourself as well.

Gem Reucroft gives us hope in light of despair. In this searing insight she recounts the situations we’re all familiar with: we see the train wreck coming and after the fact – always after the fact – we’re all so smugly smart about what occurred and what we knew when. But who did anything about it beforehand? In this apt and helpful post Gem assures us that it just takes one person to make the difference. Will that be you? Read @HR_Gem for more insight

Andy Porter knows a little about performance management. In this fun retelling of what he learned by living out of a van for 24 hours he assures us its all about the fundamentals. Skill assessment, goals, accountability, feedback. Sound familiar? You don’t need an app, social media presence or new technology platform to manage performance: you need to manage it. Andy’s musings between beach runs can be found @Andyt_Porter

Katy Tynan wants a better view. So climb a hill, ladder, path, or way and reach the peak to see… Fog?! Sometimes our climbing and striving doesn’t offer us the view we expect. Sometimes our stretch isn’t big enough and the best-laid plans go awry. Katy reminds us the striving is the key. That, and a cup of hot chocolate. Reach for your goals and enjoy the experience as well as the view. See more @KatyTynan

Steve Brown is a vinyl guy. If you’re of a certain age you know what that means and may remember the thrill of going to the store (yes boys and girls, at one time we actually had to go get things instead of having them download!) for that latest album and then dropping the needle on a side. Wow. What a thrill. Over time the pops, scratches and skips added to the luster of the sound, and increased our enjoyment. Much like, say, people? Listen to the deep tracks and read Rad Steve for more insight @SBrowneHR

What a collection of inspiring writes! Each of these authors has been there, done that and wants us to know we can truly make a difference in our own lives and that of those around us.

I hope you find value in the perspectives curated in this week’s edition of Best Blogs and will pass it on to your friends and associates: these fine thinkers were just meant to be shared.

Join us again in seven days’ time for another collection of Best Blogs and check our. archives for intelligent and meaningful posts from some of the best thinkers out there.

Enjoy the weekend wherever you are in the world my friends!



3 thoughts on “Best Blogs 11 Oct 2013

  1. Thanks for putting this together – It’s feels great to be included with such talented folks! I especially love Cranston’s post. I am not patient – it’s so hard to keep doing the small things and believing they are the right things sometimes. Hope you had a successful week!

  2. Thank you for sharing this with your readers, Christopher. I’ve made my way over to several of blogs listed and showed some comment love. I think it’s wonderful how you demonstrate your support for other writers. I will be following you here among the other blogs you have listed! Have a creative and beautiful weekend ahead!

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