Best Blogs 18 Oct 2013

Though fall is struggling to find its way to our little hamlet there's no shortage of cool stories here! What a great roundup of some of the best of the week!

Best Blogs celebrates the innovator, change agent, dare-to-look-things-differently writer. In this edition we have recruiter blues, a question of fit, half an aswer and get a little stoned.

Please enjoy there reads by writers I admire so and share them broadly: these voices need to be heard. Enjoy this curation of Best Blogs!

Rayanne Thorn is on a mission. Please do not piss her off. By littering. Or not caring. Or treating candidates as refuse to be discarded without a thought. Rayanne knows something the rest of us need to consider: our clients don't see us the way we think they do. Take heart and take heed and most of all, take Rayanne's advice @Ray_Anne

Alli Polin asks the question: do two halves make a whole? In this remarkably clear write Alli asks when it became so in vogue to pretend we only employ half a person. Is not the whole of us important? Alli asks questions, you provide answers and don't be surprised if the whole is more than the sum of its parts? See @AlliPolin for the rest of the story

Jay Kuhns doesn't take or make excuses, and in this incisive report he strips away the patina of pretense from the faddish fit craze, as in are you a good fit? Nebulous, undefinable and at times discriminatory the maddening “fit” question is a little like pornography: we know it when we see it. But what happens when we don't see it anymore? Read @JRKuhns to find out

Janine Truitt understands all too well the frequent gap between the recruiter's intentions and the company's expectations in driving candidate experiece. In one of the clearest writes yet on this dirty little secret she points out the chasm good recruiters try to navigate through and manage against. @CzarinaofHR will make you think

Danielle Dowling wants you to get the pebble out of your shoe. You know, that little annoyance you pretend to ignore but whose small size seems gigantic by days' end? Stop the madness now. Pick up the phone, write that note, do that thing whatever it is and remove the obstacle Its not nearly as bad as you think. Learn more @DDowling_

These stories reveal the humanness in all of us, especially as we try to navigate the world of work in sync with that same humanness.

Things don't always work out way we think they should. Yet, as this edition of Best Blogs illustrates we have more choice and more control about that than we sometimes think. The world truly is what we make of it.

Please share these thinkers broadly and come back in another seven days' time for a new collection of Best Blogs. Remember to check the archives for earlier releases of some of the best thinkers out there!

Enjoy your weekend wherever you are in the world my friends!




3 thoughts on “Best Blogs 18 Oct 2013

  1. Christopher-

    Thanks so much for including my blog in the mix. I appreciate this critical exposure as I really want to hear from others about their job search or employee experiences. You would be surprised by all the stories I am hearing and can’t wait to share my findings.
    The most notable pushback I am receiving is from those who work on our side and think we are doing it well. You and I both know, there is much that can be improved to benefit all.

    Keep up the good work!
    Thanks again!


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