Best Blogs 25 Oct 2013

Welcome to another edition of Best Blogs, the weekly collection of important writes from around the web!

Regular readers know the theme of each week's menagerie develops organically as if the vibe from the world of writers I follow strengthens and announces itself. This week the muse turns on pride, noise, doubt, certainty and fear – and how we make the best choices in the midst of them all.

Please do share these fabulous writers with your colleagues and friends. Best Blogs strives to uncover uncoventional thinking and fine writing and thus, these people deserve to be heard!

David Goddin wants you to know a little secret: you're making too much noise. In this clever and dead-on expose David asks each of us to take the value test as in, does that tweet, post, update, link, etc etc really add “value?” If not, why are we posting! LOL! (not) See other secrets @David_Goddin

Cranston Holden thinks assertive behavior is valuable, as do I. Yet here in the 21st century nuance is often lost and some of us confuse assertion with aggression. What's the difference, and why does it matter? Here Cranston illustrates the very real dilemma we face when we decide “aggression” is bad and therefore default to an almost passive state missing the real value of assertion. Read more @CranstonHolden. Now.

Dawn Lennon believes in help. Just do it the right way. As a manager, leader and consultant Dawn knows there's more than one way to offer a helping hand. In fact, done without thought that helping hand can be more a backhand than anything else. Dawn points our the true role consultants and coaches can play in helping us manage organizations – if leadership deploys them correctly. Learn more @BusinessFit

Justin Harris knows pride goeth before a fall. So often in HR we deal with people whose aspirations exceed their perspiration, ie., we want it – but do we work for it? Here Justin outlines what happens when we're out of sync with the market in terms of our value. We think we deserve accolades and opportunities yet the market asks what have you done for me lately? Justin's ideas can be found and enjoyed @UnlikelyHRGuy

Cave Girl MBA Caveat emptor. Readers know the CG is funny, disarming, frank and intelligent. But if you are not careful she'll lay a little philosophy and consideration on you as well. In this charming write (does anyone else exude it so effortlessly?) the Girl recounts summer Latin lessons and the lifelong reflection these portend. See more (and watch out you don't learn) @CaveGirlMBA

This week was a long arduous one for me. Thus the value of Best Blogs came home this morning as I was collecting and presenting these writers for your consideration as a balm for my own psyche.

How wonderful to see intelligent and creative people putting out such valuable content every week sharing their expereince and perspective with us. How refreshing and confirming. This edition of Best Blogs does not disappoint – please share!

Enjoy the weekend wherever you are in the world my friends, and come back in another seven days for another curation of the best on web! Check our archives as well for more helpful and thoughful writes.




2 thoughts on “Best Blogs 25 Oct 2013

  1. Happy weekend to you too, may the arduous week lead to a sparkling, fabulous, bright, wonderful, and happy Friday night, Saturday and Sunday!
    And thank you for directing readers to the cave.

  2. Once again, Christopher, I’m am thrilled to be included in your Best Blogs of the week listing with this post. It is always a huge compliment to earn your support and to share the stage with the other wonderful bloggers you select. Thanks, as always, ~Dawn

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