Best Blogs 1 November 2013

Welcome back to Best Blogs, the weekly curation of the best of the web in organization management and well, just being a human being at work!

This week we've got confused priorities in Customer Service, some HR conference counting exercises, a little reflection on how many words it takes to sound smart and a checklist for those of you who want to follow along at home! And for the bonus round a peek at my favorite book of the year!

Best Blogs looks for the original and innovative thinker in the world of work: we strive to find people who take a different stance on things and most of all, actually practice thier craft. Please share these writers broadly as their work deserves the sunlight!

Lalita Raman would like you to have a little empathy. For the customer. The real boss. In this delightfully sharp and reasoned read Lalita illustrates how a more empathic approach would not only satisfy customers but in fact drive business. Think about that for a moment: customer delight as business model. It just might catch on, and Lalita shared it first. See more of her ideas @Rlalita

Rory C Trotter Jr is simply one of the smartest people I know. Able to take sometimes seemingly contradictory data and yet make sense of it, he is a clear and compelling writer. Yet here in his post on big ideas, he talks about why making things simpler is actually the superior strategy. See Rory's other simple and therefore elegant ideas @RoryCTrotterJr

Julie Waddell is not a fan of conferences (just how the hell did she get in HR anyway?) but she's even less a fan of falling into irrelevance. In this witty post Julie shows how you can hang with cool kids, draw inspiration from a fashion mag and divide a table of five into groups of two (oh, that's how…) And, if you are not careful she just might show you how to stay relevant too. Follow Julie at an appropriate distance @JAWaddell

Alli Polin asks the simple yet fundamental gut check question we all need to face if we ever want to grow up: do you want to look like a leader, or be one? Leadership by checklist is a sure way to stay on someone else's path. If you desire to find your own way, take a read here as you step out the door. Alli's further gifts can be found @AlliPolin

David D'Souza takes the cake for being social, collaborative and an all-around good guy. No funny witticisms here: take a look at marvelous crowd-sourced gem that is “Humane, Resourced.” My sincere appreciation, acknowledgement and awe to the many wonderful authors of same, and to David for having the vision, drive, patience and persistence to pull this off beautifully. See more of David @DDS180

Wow, another wonderful collection of thought leaders and writers here!

Every week Best Blogs scours the web looking for original, compelling and challenging thinkers to provide for you a different perspective on how you might manage your career and organization. Please share these brilliant thinkers that their ideas might have more exposure.

Come back in another seven days' time for more of Best Blogs, and be sure to check the archives for other wonderful writers. Enjoy the weekend wherever you are in the world my friends!




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